10 Things Moms Should Do For Their Daughters Everyday

Our daughters are like blossom in a perfect spring afternoon, delicate and breath-taking. However, it takes time and devotion for that little seedling to sprout, grow and finally bloom.

As parents, we have to ensure that the soil has the right pH level, or that there aren’t any weeds where the seed grows or that there aren’t any pests ready to munch of your plant. Definitely, a lot of work must be done to ensure the growth and well-being of our girls.

Here, we are providing you with all the gardening techniques from all the gardeners—I mean MOMS all over the world. Here are 10 things moms must do for their flower powers everyday.

  • She needs you to let her be a child

Moms, when she draws on the wall, let her, when she is showering in the rain, join her, when she singing her lungs off, sing louder than her. Encourage her to make the best of her childhood, to savor it, because it only comes once in our lifetime.

  • She needs to know the importance of being healthy and fit

Exercising is essential for any growing lady. Few of the benefits being active and healthy give is a better immune system, improved cognitive functions and deeper sleep promoting cell repair and production. Staying healthy does not just give a strong body and mind but also strengthens the mother-daughter relationship. Signing up for that hip-hop dance class with you little gal wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

  • She needs to know the importance of faith

Whether it is religious or not, faith is important for any growing girls. Believing in herself, in the people that surrounds her or even in a divine being, faith motivates her to do it for the people she believes in, and one of them is you.

  • She needs to know how to make the right choices

The concept of right and wrong is not so easy for our little girls however we cannot always be there to tell her what’s right and what’s not right. Letting her make mistakes and experience the consequence of those mistakes is one way of teaching her how not to fall again the second time. She will surely think twice, or even thrice, before making a decision. This along with your guidance is a fool-proof technique that she’ll be making all the right choices that matters.

  • She needs you to teach her good manners

Good manners is beauty beyond skin deep. Saying “please,” “thank you” and “excuse me,” sitting accordingly and waits for her turn, asking permission before doing something—these are the tell-tale signs that you’ve raised a well-mannered daughter. Nothing shouts a well brought up girl like a child with good manners.

  • She needs to know how to become a well-rounded woman

Making sure every aspect of her life is nourished can be a difficult job for us moms. Yet, it is probably the most fulfilling. Stressing too much on academics will just cause your child to become a little behind when it comes to other factors concerning her growth, personality and identity. Just like the islands in the movie “Inside Out,” we have to make sure her school, social, family life are balanced and well-kept or else these islands would crash and falter.

  • She needs you to teach her about respect

Having good manners heavily relates to respect. Respect is a broad thing that we should let our daughters realize, from self-respect to respecting other people. All of this start with us so be careful and learn to respect her so she will, in turn, learn to value herself and others to ultimately help her become a respectable lady.

  • She needs to know her body

Her body could very well be the most confusing thing, EVER! From things that are starting to grow to bleeding, it can definitely be frustrating if you do not know what’s going on. This is why it is important to constantly teach your daughter about her body. Let her know that you experience the same things and feelings so she can be open to you about any insights or questions she’ll probably have regarding her maturing body.

  • She needs to know her self-worth

All of these characteristics are useless until she learns to appreciate them herself. Never forget to remind her to be happy with who she is and what she has become. Happiness to ones self is the key factor to achieve self-worth.

  • She needs to know that she is beautiful

You can’t take your eyes of her, everything she does just makes your body ooze with joy, and that’s because she is beautiful, both inside and out. Do not hesitate to quote the line from The Help, “You is kind, you is smart, you is important” because sometimes the word beautiful in not enough to express what she really is.

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