3rd Kid Creations Giveaway!

Welcoming another mom-owned business to our business directory always makes us feel like celebrating. This month we are celebrating adding 3rd Kid Creations to the Tums 2 Tots Online family with a giveaway of a personalised family chef set – with matching aprons and hats!

Mom of 3, Farayi Chikwete, started 3rd Kid Creations quite by accident when on maternity leave with her third child, her eldest started Grade R and needed a raincoat. When she couldn’t find anything suitable, she decided to make one herself. The rain ponchos were a hit, because they are easy to wear, roomy, durable and had cute hand-painted pictures and orders began coming in.

From stay-at-home-mom to entrepreneur, Farayi soon added art aprons, chef aprons and hats, and other custom requests, to her offering at 3rd Kid Creations. Although challenging looking afer 3 kids while building her business and creating beautiful bespoke items, Farayi has a passion for what she does

And challenges are nothing new to her, she was even featured in Your Family magazine in 2014 about moms going back to school. Her daughters were 2 and 4 and she had been studying for her Honours degree full-time when she fell pregnant with her third!

3rd Kid Creations is special because each customer gets the chance to be the designer too. Farayi takes the time to listen to their story and help them choose the best colours, fabrics or designs for their order. People call her for cooking and baking birthday parties, needing chef aprons and hats that are a certain colour or theme, and she really loves helping them.

“I feel like I am a part of their experience. It’s great when a mum calls for an apron for their child and we design it according to the child’s likes which makes it super special and unique. Every order is fun and special.”

It normally takes about 1-2 working days to complete a small order. Farayi also goes out of her way to accomodate last minute orders where possible. “I have had a lot of parents call in a panic looking for an apron for school which they needed by the next day! It was promptly done in a few hours and the day was saved. I love that feeling.”

3rd Kid Creations also caters for bulk customers like cooking schools or hotels and promotional events. Due to demand, adult aprons and hats are also available. The product line is continuously growing as the ideas keep coming.

Do you love spending time with your little one in the kitchen? What could be cuter than baking cookies as a family in a matching set of aprons and chef hats? Not much! 3rd Kid Creations is giving away 2 adult chef sets with 1 child chef set! The colour and design will be yours to discuss with Farayi in person to get exactly what you want.

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To Enter, you simply need to –

  1. Tell us in teh comments what design your personalised aprons would include!
  2. Complete the easy form below (ONLY ONCE!)

Please be sure to read our competition terms and conditions.

And go! Good luck everybody!

Our winners will be announced on Friday 1 July! If we are unable to reach you before midnight on Friday 8 July, another winner will be selected.

*This competition is sadly only open to those currently residing in South Africa

  1. I only have boys and still young but I start to let my toddler help me and he is such a typical boy so cars and balls and names on… mummy loves baking and sunflowers

  2. i would choose a moon for myself as our surname is MOONilal, and a Star for my wife, as she is the star in my life leading our family with light and love and is a diamond in my sky. for the kid i would put a moon and a star as my son represents the best of both of us

  3. I would love to have the Bid cook, Little cook design with little cook flying off on his wooden spoon

  4. I would love to have a funky colourfull design, with some animals on it And everyones name printed on it aswell. It must have a nice big pocket to store something in. My son is still small, but he will.oneday have endless fun in his apron.

  5. I have a very girly girl who loves pink and dresses, so it would be lovely if her apron had a bit of a frill at the bottom and was pink with a bow and also had her name, Mia, on it

  6. It would be awesome if the design could contain the picture of a unicorn and flowers with the one saying ‘Mamma’, the other ‘Dadda’ and the last saying ‘Siobhan’. 🙂

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