5 reasons why your only child needs a sibling

Depending on the birth order in your family, you may not know what it is like to grow up without a sibling and be surrounded by a constant playmate.  However if you were an only child, then you’ll already know most of the reasons stated below.

While some may argue that being an only child has many advantages like receiving all the attention, no sibling rivalry and not having to share must be quite a treat, there is the other side to it that they will never experience certain aspects in their relatively lonely world.

We may not immediately see these facts as possible problems but they can arise in the future making their adaption to the adult world a difficult transition.

  1. They have a selfish attitude

This is a difficult one and not all together their own doing but once they get used to being alone, they begin to believe that they don’t have to share or consider others.  They do not take kindly to people taking something of theirs and it is tough for them to understand that there are other people in the world.  This selfish attitude grows over the years making adulthood another challenge as these individuals cannot adapt to teamwork.

  1. Develop an issue with closeness

They get used to their own space and eventually begin to believe that they don’t need anyone else.  Independence is good but theirs is too the extreme. They may become distant, resulting in a significant number of only children battling to adapt easily to a partner in their later years.

  1. Resentment towards parents

As youngsters they throw tantrums and soon learn that you have no one else to attend to so all the attention they demand, they receive.  All your time is devoted to them and before you know it, you end up being over protective.  Once they become teenagers, they no longer want you fusing over them but now this has become your way of life causing problems in your parenting relationship.

  1. Competition

While many think that sibling rival is unpleasant, it is a lesson that teaches them to compete against one another building them in good stead for the future.   It teaches them tolerance, kindness and patience.  All these attributes are necessary when dealing with friends at school or colleagues in the work place.

  1. Loneliness

Life as an only child is simply lonely.  They miss out on a constant playmate in their early childhood to companionship and sibling bonding in later years.


Unfortunately it is not always possible to give your child a sibling due to factors such as health complications or financial restraints.  In those cases one needs to ensure that one surrounds themselves with friends with small children or cousins to avoid the feeling of missing out!

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