5 Sleep-Inducing Food For You And Your Kids

If you’re having trouble getting yourself and your kids to sleep, know that you’re not alone… and that you can do something about it.

Here are 5 types of food that you and your children can have before bedtime so you can catch your well-deserved zzz’s. The cool thing is, you can easily find these in your own kitchen!

1. Bananas

They’re not only good for powering you up, they’re also good for making you feel sleepy. This is because potassium and magnesium, the major good chemicals in bananas, help your muscles and nerves relax, making you calm down at night. The B6 in it also increases your bodies’ serotonin, a chemical that can make anyone feel sleepy. So go ahead and stock up on bananas! They’re sure to be favorites for kids who love sweet fruits!

2. Honey

Want something that will probably give you sweet dreams? Honey is your go-to food! According to science and research, the glucose in honey hinders orexin cells, which are responsible for triggering our alertness. However, you should only give honey once your child is long past infancy, when honey can be fatal. Ask your pediatrician for the go signal just to be sure.

3. Tea

Many adults know that chamomile tea, as well as valerian tea and lavender tea, can calm us down and is, therefore, good for making us fall asleep. Green tea also does this, as it contains theanine, which helps promote sleep. Your children might not be into it, but you can always have one for yourself. However, before picking just any tea for your pre-bed drink, make sure it’s decaffeinated!
4. Rice

An Australian study revealed that rice has a high glycemic index, which means it can actually make us fall asleep much faster than we would without it. Bottom line is, it has glucose, so it will make us feel sleepy. No wonder eastern countries can’t do without their steamy bowls of rice!

5. Dark Chocolate

We know, we know. Never give your kids chocolate, especially not before bed when you want them to be anything besides hyper! But the thing is, milk chocolate can be a whole different thing compared to dark chocolate. The latter actually contains serotonin, which we already known by now makes a person feel drowsy. So if you’re fine with your child having a little chocolate, go dark before bed.
Sweet dreams, mommy!

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