Adventure Boot Camp: back in shape

Looking to get into shape or simply get fit and stay healthy?  Then look no further… Adventure Boot Camp for Women is exactly what you need, offering more than you could imagine.

Adventure Boot Camp was launched in September 2005, with 30 women and one location. Since their launch, they have grown at an unbelievable rate and now host over 52 camps nationwide.

The camp takes place every week from Monday to Friday for an hour in either the morning or evening. This allows you flexibility to ensure you can fit your workout in around your busy daily activities.

The camp is conducted by a qualified fitness trainer who will monitor and assist you, push you, motivate you and ensure you get the most out of the camp while having a great time doing it. The best part about Adventure Boot Camp is that it does not take place in a gym, where you are made to feel uncomfortable, judged or claustrophobic. The camp takes place outdoors, therefore allowing you to feel free and enthused.

The program is great for new moms trying to get back into shape after the arrival of baby.  The camp will work wonders to get you outdoors and help you feel confident, healthy and happy again. As this activity is solely for women, it’s the perfect place to meet like-minded people and create new friendships.

And there’s more….if you are a Discovery vitality member you will receive 25% cash back on camp fees as well as additional vitality points.

Adventure Boot Camp for Women is a great outdoor training camp design to keep you happy, healthy and fit.

For more information on Adventure Boot Camp or to find a camp near you, visit them on:

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