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We are a parenting magazine focused on the time between falling pregnant and sending your children off to school. We cover content from fertility, to health in pregnancy, to child development at all stages, recipes and reviews. We have recently added columns, which cover a broad range of topics and are written by a mixture of popular parenting bloggers and experts.

94% of our readers are women; 85% between the ages of 25 and 44 years old. 43% of our readers are based in Gauteng, 35% Cape Town, 13% KZN and then small percentages over the rest of South Africa.

Our brand is loving its new lease on life with our new branding! And our new ownership has been hard at work building a network of high quality talented writers and  securing relationships with top tier brands.

We are all about building relationships, networks and businesses, to allow us to offer the best quality content, information, support and entertainment for our readers.

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