Babaderm: caring for your baby’s skin

Caring for your little ones sensitive skin on a daily basis is vitally important.

Their skin is considerably different to your own skin but thanks to Babaderm products which are developed by medical professionals, they have ensured that their range of products will keep baby’s skin healthy, happy and well cared for.

Babaderm products contain Probiton, a proven anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property – keeping your baby’s skin balanced and healthy. Another great fun-fact is that Babaderm is produced locally in South Africa making it one more reason to love these products.

This fabulous range of baby products includes a body wash, shampoo and conditioner 2-in-1 combination, body lotion, nappy cream and probio oil. Each product is detailed below together with the benefits that each one has to offer your baby.

Baby’s Body Lotion:

This gently formulated body lotion is designed to keep your precious little ones skin moisturized, soft, smooth and germ-free. The Babaderm Baby’s Body Lotion should be applied on a daily basis to ensure your baby’s skin benefits from the lotion. The lotion is soft and light on the skin leaving it sticky-free and comfortable. It is lightly fragranced and will leave your baby smelling ‘deliciously’ fresh.

Baby’s Shampoo and Conditioner:

Babaderm has designed a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner combination for your bath time convenience. The shampoo and conditioner combination helps in maintaining healthy hair and ensuing that the scalp is taken care of. It contains no harmful chemicals and is completely safe.  It can be used daily during your baby’s bath time. It is light and foaming, which means only a small amount is needed ensuring that the product will go a long way even with daily use. It is designed to wash away unwanted germs that have accumulated throughout the day. Once again this is nicely fragranced and will leave your baby smelling fresh and clean.

Baby’s Body Wash:

The body wash is specially formulated to remove unwanted germs and ensure your baby has a clean skin. Babies often suffer from skin irritations because their skin is so sensitive. Babaderm Body Wash is specially designed for sensitive, irritated skin areas and helps maintain your little one’s soft skin daily during bath time.

Baby’s Nappy Cream:

We are all too familiar with nappy rash that occurs on our baby’s delicate skin causing discomfort and an unhappy baby. Babaderm Nappy Cream is the answer to your problems as it is formulated to protect your baby’s skin and assist in soothing red and inflamed skin associated with nappy rash. Babaderm Nappy Cream provides a protective layer over the delicate skin. To help avoid skin irritation, wash away the nappy cream from the last nappy change before applying a new nourishing layer. This should be applied with every nappy change.

Baby’s Probio Oil:

This is yet another fabulous product from Babaderm. It is specially formulated to assist in maintaining the body’s soft, delicate skin and reduce unwanted bacteria. Babaderm’s Probio Oil helps soothe skin irritations and eliminate infections. Babaderm Baby’s Probio Oil can be applied daily after your baby’s bath to ensure your little one’s skin is taken care of naturally.

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