Baby Furniture Buying Guide for Small Spaces

Your baby spends most of his or her time in the nursery…which means that you will, too. Ending up with a room that is uncomfortable or cramped (or unaccommodating of all your baby paraphernalia, requiring you to leave the room and the baby ever-so-often) will soon be a point of frustration. So how do you cope with a small nursery?

“The trick to use multi-functional furniture,” says Claire Cobbledick, Marketing Head of Gumtree South Africa. “It gives you maximum space and maximum value.”

  1. Cribs

Opt for cribs that either contain drawers that can store extra nappies or toys, or cribs that eventually convert into beds so that you get extra use out of it. “Your baby can sleep in a good quality crib until age 2 or 3; a crib that converts into a bed can last until they are about 7. They are pricier but you can pick up a good quality used one for less than R2000.”

  1. Bassinets and cradles

If you don’t opt for a crib, or wish to have the option to move your baby into your room at night, a bassinet is a great idea. “They are cosier and convenient for middle-of-the-night feedings. Unfortunately shouldn’t be used beyond the point where your baby reaches the point where they can sit up or push up on hands and knees. Fortunately, there is a huge second-hand market for bassinets and cradles so you should be able to recoup your investment and put the funds towards a baby bed.”

  1. Changing Tables

You will change more than 2,400 diapers by your baby’s first birthday – a changing table is not completely necessary, but it does make it easier. “You don’t have to buy the top of the range changing table at the baby boutique – you can buy a piece of furniture (a desk or a table) that can be repurposed as the baby grows older. Even with handrails, it’s a good idea to keep one hand on your baby while he or she is on an elevated space, which means there isn’t any particular reason to add these, although it is easy enough to do.”

  1. Rocking chairs and Gliders

Gliders are great – they reduce the risk of pinched toes and fingers because they sit flat on the floor. Similarly rocking chairs can be part of the household furniture for years. “They don’t get outgrown – if you have the space for it, get one.”

  1. Hampers

Where there is a baby, there will be laundry. “Opt for a basket that can double up as a toy box in years to come, or use a laundry bag that can hang out of sight from a peg behind the door.”

  1. Go Customised

“There are a lot of carpenters willing to build affordable beds that double up as a cupboard, desk or playpen – this is particularly useful if you are expecting twins and cannot squeeze two cots into your space. Customised cots that fit corners can go a long way.”

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