Successful baby shower tips

The Baby shower. The Stork party. The Kitchen tea. These are usually met with little enthusiasm.

We’ve all been to those baby showers where the guest of honour spends most of her time opening presents that are either not for her or she does not know how to use, while guests sit and watch.

So for all the baby-shower-party-planners out there, “Make the occasion a celebration, an excuse to get together and an opportunity to create memories – before the baby comes!” Says Event Affairs coordinators, Megan Buchanan and Lindy Srubis.

If you’re a mum-to-be, best friend or grandmother-to-be with a baby shower looming, follow some of these helpful shower planning steps:

Who to invite

His and Hers baby showers: There is a move towards including the father-to-be in the entire baby process. It’s also a good opportunity to receive gifts the couple will both use to raise their new addition.

Women-only baby showers: Get those females who are your nearest and dearest around for a good time. Host an elegant tea party in the garden or cosy up in the lounge, it’s all about feeling comfortable.

Things to remember

Focus some of the attention on the guests and their preferences, they are not pregnant, so there is no harm in a little bubbly to celebrate.

Buying gifts does not need to be a daunting task. Among the baby essentials try to include something for the expectant mom such as; body cream,  a voucher for a maternity massage or movie tickets for the couple. If this is not the first pregnancy then encourage gift givers to bring their most popular meal to freeze and donate to the growing family.

Try to get the guests involved in the action by coming up with a couple of fun games such as asking guests to contribute baby tips for a personalised guidebook of tried and tested brands, recipes and methods. Alternatively, get a betting pool going to guess the sex of the baby or the name if  they are not yet public.

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