The Benefits of Yoghurt for Kids

Yoghurt has many benefits and should be part of a healthy, balanced diet for children. Danone shares 5 of these benefits with us below.

1. Yoghurt is packed with nutritional goodness

Yoghurt contains protein, vitamins and minerals, as well as active cultures that help the digestive system. Your body fully absorbs the proteins in dairy products because they are complete, providing great value. They also provide essential amino acids that your body cannot produce itself and must obtain through food. One serving of regular yogurt provides an average of 4g of protein. It also naturally contains essential amino acids for body muscle maintenance.

2. It is suitable for children who are lactose intolerant

Yoghurt is made from fermented milk by two lactic starters: Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. These strains secrete an enzyme that allows them to pre-digest part of the lactose (the sugar in milk). This is why, generally, people with lactose intolerance can easily digest it.

It is a convenient snack, perfect for lunchboxes

This is an easy treat for fussy eaters and a perfect addition to any lunchbox. It is also a great dessert option due to it’s wide variety of favours and its texture.

It is low in fat

Yoghurt is a healthy, low fat food that should be part of a child’s daily nutritional intake. It usually contains only about 5g of fat per serving.

It helps with digestion

Yoghurt contains probiotic cultures – “friendly” bacterial species that are beneficial to digestion and keeping bowel movements regular. A genuine probiotic is safe to eat, remains alive for the shelf life of the product and is present in a high enough quantity to have a beneficial effect.

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