Do’s and Don’ts of car seats

It’s an all too common and frightening sight on South African roads – unrestrained young children in motor vehicles, sitting on laps, jumping around or standing on the front or back seats in peak hour traffic.

Car seats should be on the top of the list of baby accessories along with things such as a pram.

Do you know how to correctly install a car seat in your car?  Watch this video, it may just safe the life of a little person on our roads:

Vehicles are not designed to keep children safe.  They are not a child friendly zone.  We have to make it so and we do that by putting our children in car seats.  There are three types of seats available ranging from baby, toddler and a booster seat that are each appropriate for the weight of the child as they grow.

Normal safety belts are designed for a grown person, taller than 1.5 metres, a child is simply not there yet.  The same goes for an air bag; they are designed to keep a grown person safe, not a child.

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