Cetaphil DayLong Kids 50+ Protect your Family

If you think you are safe from sun damage in the winter, then think again.  Harmful sunrays occur all year around making you vulnerable in the cooler seasons.

However this is no cause for panic as Cetaphil has you covered. They have the perfect solution to ensure that you and your family are constantly protected from the dangerous sun rays which can cause both short-term and long-term damage.

Cetaphil Daylong is a range of quality products offering reliable sun protection for diverse skin types and conditions. Developed and formulated by Galderma with unrivaled scientific and dermatological expertise, Cetaphil Daylong provides a quality daily skin protection range.

Cetaphil Daylong provides optimal quality and exceptional protection to prevent sun damage and maintain fair, unblemished, healthy looking skin.

Cetaphil’s Daylong sunscreen is a uniquely light, unscented, fast absorbing, non-sticky and high water-resistant sunscreen which is easy to apply and leaves no white spots.

It provides advanced UV & IR defense, cell damage prevention, fighting signs of aging and offering an exceptional skin feeling. With Cetaphil Daylong, the science of feelgood sun protection is accessible for every skin.

After using Cetaphil Daylong, I can highly recommend it. I suffer from extremely sensitive skin and was able to apply Cetaphil Daylong under my foundation daily without any break-outs or skin irritation.

You should begin to encourage your children to get into a good habit of applying sunscreen daily, before attending school, park-outings, and play-dates.

Ensure that your family has the maximum protection by covering up with Cetaphil’s Daylong offering you carefree days in the sun.

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