Christmas Shopping for kids made easy

The holiday season is just around the corner and for many moms this means wrapping up the school year, planning for holidays away or a full house of visiting family and friends…and of course Christmas shopping!

Children bring a whole new dynamic to Christmas shopping. You want to buy nice gifts for all your family members, however you soon realise there is added pressure with kids to buy them something awesome that they will absolutely love. Come 1 December they start counting the days until Chirstmas and you can see the excitement and expectation in their eyes as they run towards the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. Bottom line: don’t drop the ball on this one Mom!

Wouldn’t it be nice if Father Christmas really did slip down the chimney to deliver exactly what your little ones wished for, all beautifully wrapped under the Christmas tree? We’d like to suggest that Father Christmas has a new name: online shopping! The perks are endless. It’s fast, easy, your gifts arrive at your door all wrapped and ready, and the best part is that you can do it from your couch in your pyjamas! No parking wars, no long queues, no bored husband tag-alongs and no toddler wrestling or negotiating in public.

Another Christmas shopping challenge is deciding what to get your kids. Your child might know exactly what they want and be asking for it since 26 Dec last year. Or you might be shopping for a niece or nephew and you’re at a loss as to what to get them. Here are some ideas on what to buy boys and girls of different ages, along with some amazing online shops that have these and other wonderful goodies.

Babies (0-1) Oh these little people are easy to please

Comfort toys like the Monkey Soft Toy or Snuggle Bunny from Petit Love or Ben the Striped Kitty from Hello Pretty are great choices. Another clever gift for babies is a teething toy. Sophie the Giraffe, also available on Petit Love, is a popular choice for both boys and girls. Older babies love bath time, so why not get them a fun new bath toy like this Flow ‘n Fill Spout available on Bright Beans.

Toddlers (1-3) They are on the move and looking for things to grab their attention

Wooden toys are great for toddlers because they are hardy and durable, so they are worth spending a little extra. The Bamboo Push Ellie and Bunny from Petit Love are adorable. This Pound-a-Peg toy and Geometric Block Sorter from Truly Toys will keep both little boys and girls hands busy, as will this wonderful Melissa and Doug Latches Board from Tinklepea. Toddlers love to make a noise, so The Band in a Box Music Set available on Bright Beans will be a definite hit. And what little toddler girl doesn’t love a new dolly? The dolls by Little Black Ant are absolutely beautiful.

Pre-Schoolers (4-6) This age loves education and creative toys

Boys and girls will love this Neon Scratch Art Set.  You can find loads of fun and educational puzzles on Truly Toys; we love the Sound Peg-Puzzles. Kids at this age love to play pretend and dress up, so why not get them a dress-up outfit like this Astronaut outfit by Melissa and Doug. Little girls will love having tea parties with this Wooden Cupcake Stand and little boys can help dad with the DIY with this Tool Kit both from Bright Beans.

Primary School (7-13) Older kids can be harder to please, getting their input is a good idea!

A funky print for their bedroom wall is a nice idea, we like this one from Hello Pretty, or a fun pillow for their bed is also a great gift, like this Cactus Pillow set from Hey Mama. Accessories are popular with this age group;hats for boys are always a hit and girls would love these Design Your Own Bracelets. These Sticker Pads are also sure to provide many hours of fun. A Disposable Camera is another fun gift or an “outing voucher” to take them and a friend to the movies. Or take them shopping for some new clothes that they pick out on their own.

Some good ideas for stocking fillers or smaller gifts that are sure to be popular with both boys and girl, are funky socks, glow in the dark stars, interesting cookie cutters, bubbles, temporary tattoos, plastic animals, books and of course sweets.

Important things to remember when online shopping is to check the deliver time – you don’t want your gifts to arrive late for Christmas! Also remember to always tick the ‘gift’ box when you make your order so that your gift arrives already wrapped. Many online shops, such as Petit Love, offer free shipping all over South Africa or free shipping if you spend a certain amount. Also keep an eye out for fun Christmas sales and special gifts.

That should get you in the mood for shopping! Happy online shopping!

*Thanks to the Petit Love team for sharing this post

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