Disney Programming: 7 October 2019 Highlights

October 2019 is a very exciting month for Disney viewers. The programming schedule across the three channels is jam packed full of newness. There’s even a bit of spooky entertainment towards the end of the month. 

The week of 7 October sees a new season of Raven’s Home premiering on Disney Channel. Over on Disney Junior, the adorable Puppy Dog Pals return.

We’ll be updating you on new programming each week in October so you don’t miss out!

Raven’s Home


Raven’s Home returns this month, with premiere episodes of season three on weekdays from 7th to 18th October 2019 at 17:00.

This popular series sees two childhood friends, Raven and Chelsea, now grown up with families of their own, living together and coping with life in general, as well as Raven’s psychic abilities. In the first episode, Friend-Ship (Monday 7th October at 17:00) Raven and the kids plan a road trip to visit Chelsea, who has been away at sea. After some obstacles on the way, they all reunite. But the excitement is short-lived.

Premiere episodes of Raven’s Home season three air on weekdays from 7th to 18th October at 17:00 on Disney Channel.

Puppy Dog Pals

puppy pals

Those adorable Puppy Dog Pals return this month. Premiere episodes will air on weekdays from Monday 7th to Friday 18th October at 17:30.

Fun-loving puppy brothers Bingo and Rolly go on adventures throughout their neighborhood and around the world as a way to help quench their thrill-seeking appetites. In the first of these episodes, Bright Lights, Pup City, Bob is sad when the Symphony of Lights is cancelled. However, the pups find a way to repair the lights.

Puppy Dog Pals airs on weekdays from Monday 7th to Friday 18th October at 17:30 on Disney Junior.

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