Should I encourage my baby to roll over?

Most babies will begin  to roll over between 4 and 7 months. “A child that can roll over on to their tummy or back at will is showing signs of developing the strength, coordination and confidence to start crawling,” says Susanne Hugo, Mysmartkid’s occupational therapist.

Crawling requires strength, balance and coordination and your baby will love all your help and encouragement to reach this important milestone. There are exercises you can do to encourage and stimulate your baby to roll over.

Roll Over Exercise 1
Lie your baby on their back, and then start by holding one of their lower legs and gently bending the knee to their chest and rotating their leg slowly and carefully inwards. Your baby’s body will follow and they’ll turn so they are on their stomach.

While doing so, simply use your other hand to help your baby as needed, and alternate legs every time. Also be sure to talk to your baby while doing this activity and get (very) excited every time you turn your baby around.

Roll Over Exercise 2
Lie your baby on their tummy and gently bend their right leg forward under their chest, while stretching their left arm above their head. Keeping your baby’s leg bent, slowly and carefully rotate them onto their back, using your other hand as support. Remember to alternate legs each time.

Roll Over Exercise 3
Hold your baby on their side, and gently turn their body either onto their back or their tummy. Or you can leave your baby on their side and watch to see if they can roll onto their stomach or back on their own.

Remember to stimulate rolling to both sides, and also from back to tummy and the other way round.

Top Tip : The best time to encourage baby to roll over

Do this whenever your baby is content and feeling energetic. Although not too soon after feeding as the rolling may squash their tummy which could be uncomfortable, or get messy!

Have you tried any of these exercises with your little one? Did you find one worked better than the others?

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