Evolve: child and environmentally-friendly paint products

Children’s rooms should be magical spaces of blankies, bears and bedtime stories. Created with love and offering the comfort and stimulation your little ones need, these spaces are no place for hazardous products and dangerous decor.

Perfect for parents, Evolve is a new generation of interior environmentally-friendly paint manufactured from 70% organic raw materials. They are 100% lead free and contain no solve

With Evolve, because it is low-odour, the new paint smell won’t linger for as long as normal paint; this because the paint products are Zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). VOCs are normally given off in the form of gases by new coatings and adhesives as they dry. Being Zero VOC provides safer and cleaner breathable air, and reduces the chance of skin or eye irritation making it kinder to you and your family.

For added convenience, a specifically designed multi-surface primer can be used to prepare walls and surfaces to create optimal results. The low-sheen, non-drip water based paint products are also fast drying so you won’t be camping out watching the paint dry.

Science and Art

Creating beautiful spaces is as much an art as it is a science. Recognising how difficult it can be to find colours, furniture and dcor that work together to form a fantastic room, Evolve provides an innovative dcor solution, not just high-quality ‘Green’ paint products. Paints have been grouped into four themes of five colours each, and the colour palettes are a researched balance between contemporary aesthetics and style longevity and are 100% on-trend.

Evolve Decor touch-screen system

Evolve’s schlep-free in-store displays, exclusive to Massbuild stores, feature touch-screen displays, where a design programme allows you to try out various paint colours in virtual

environments alongside different window, furniture and lighting options. Giving you a real sense of what your space will look like before you’ve spent a cent, this complete decorating solution makes selecting colours a snap. If you prefer to browse the design programme in the comfort of your own home, a dedicated website has been created at www.evolvepaints.co.za.

Within the in-store display, paint colours are available in translucent paint ‘tins’ – a first for South Africa. Allowing you a look at the real colours, the ready-to-use tins of paint save you time as you do not have to stand in queues at the tint bay. The range comes standard in 1L and 4L packaging which is enough to paint a 4×3 room. This sizing avoids wastage so often associated with the traditional 5L offering.

With 20 on-trend colours to choose from plus white, if you’re still not sure you’ve got the right colour palette, take home your Evolve colour swatches that can be clipped together to create your own tailor-made colour swatch ‘fandeck’.

Choose wisely

Paint that is 100% lead free; 100% solvent free; Zero VOC and 70% organic (organic materials are defined as non-petroleum based) makes choosing Evolve’s new generation of environmentally-friendly paint products the right choice for decorating magical, safe, beautiful spaces for your little miracles.

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