Fitness Shack: Lose that baby weight

Looking to get your body back in shape after your little one is born? Living in the Western Cape? We have just the answer for you… Fitness Shack!

Fitness Shack, a functional training studio situated in the heart of the Hout Bay Harbour, opened in February 2013. Fitness Shack is bound to help you lose that extra ‘baby weight’ you accumulated over 9 months and that you struggle to get rid of. Enjoy the fun, exciting calorie burning fitness while toning and firming you back to the body you have missed.

Fitness Shack is fun, motivating and will certainly give you the results you are looking for. Owner and trainer Justin Wiggill is professional and will push you to the limit to reach your potential. The gym is clean and provides all the necessary gym equipment for functional training.

Both classes and personal training is available. It is no surprise that people are choosing Fitness Shack. Classes vary in times, therefore there is no excuse for not being able to attend. Leave your little one with dad, gran, grandpa or a friend and make sure you attend Fitness Shack for the results you want.

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