Free The Fetus by Scott Allen

Scott Allen is a UCT trained medical doctor who started his performing career somewhat late in life when he entered the challenging and competitive environment of Cape Town’s stand up comedy scene.

With the help and guidance of other more experienced comedians – most of whom are younger than his children – he quickly established himself as a regular performer on Cape Town’s comedy circuit, and has played at most of the comedy venues in that city.

Scott enjoys writing and performing a narrative style of stand-up comedy that, more often than not, is inspired by his extensive and varied experience as a general practitioner. He has worked in a diverse range of city practices in South Africa, the UK and New Zealand and for many years ran a rural practice in a remote part of Southern Africa.

However it was while working as a cruise ship doctor in North America and Europe that he began to take comedy more seriously by first writing a medical themed sitcom and then trying his hand at stand up comedy.

Scott Allen’s love of writing comedy combined with his enjoyment in performing to live audiences will come to fruition when he premiers his one man show, Free The Fetus at the 2014 National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.

In Free the Fetus, Scott gives a funny, fresh and original take on the hardships experienced by the human fetus. He opens the show by taking his audience on a droll, insightful trip into the unfathomed depths of the pregnant uterus – and continues in a similar vein with a hilarious account of the reasons why a fetus looks at its situation from an entirely different perspective to that of adult.

He proceeds to make an outrageously witty, but inspired case for altering the human genome so that future generations can gestate and give birth to their babies in an exotic, but safe and more humane manner.

Anyone who has ever been a fetus, which includes those who have created one, two, three or more of those unfortunate creatures, will enjoy this very amusing, original, perceptive and intelligent comedy.

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