Gary Rom: Childrens haircare range

As parents we ensure our children’s skin is protected by sun cream but tend to forget that their hair also needs a form of protection from our harsh South African climate.

Gary Rom Haircare offers a fabulous Jack & Jill children’s range of shampoo and conditioner.  These products have been professionally formulated for South Africa’s climate making them the prefect product for your kids.

Jack & Jill children’s shampoo is a gentle cleansing shampoo that leaves hair feeling silky, soft and shiny.  This sulphate free product, recommended for children over the age of 1 year, comes in a convenient 250ml pump bottle making it easy to use.

Is knotty hair a constant battle causing much unhappiness?  Then Jack & Jill children’s conditioner is the ideal product for you.  This leave-in conditioner gently detangles hair leaving it instantly detangled, soft and shiny.  This product comes in a 250ml spray bottle making it easy to apply.  Simply apply to pre-shampooed and towel dried hair and do not rinse. Spray a small amount to the mid-lengths and ends, comb or work through ensuring enough product is used.

Both products leave the hair smelling clean and fresh making cuddling an extra treat. As with both products, it is advisable to not leave within reach of unsupervised children and in case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately.

The best news yet…these products may be purchased online from the comfort of your home by simply visiting

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