Give the gift of literacy this Christmas

If you struggle to choose the ideal gift every Chrismtas, we have some great news for you. You can give them a gift packed with adventure, creativity and activity. One that will leave them reeling with pleasure, keep them busy on otherwise-boring rainy days and that will transport them to new countries and planets from the comfort of their favourite chair. Give them the gift of literacy.

The 2016 Readathon Red Reading Box is filled to the brim with a fantastic selection of stories and activities. This year’s theme is ‘Adventure’, and the READ team have pulled out all stops to present your children with a showstopper of note.

We all know that some children are lured into the wonderful world of reading through fantasy, and a world of monsters, castles and minotaurs. We’ve got their interests covered in the Box! On the other hand, the little realists love learning about non-fiction; about dinosaurs and how things work and whether they could possibly survive on Mars one day. Never fear when The Explorer is near! The Explorer will take your children on an enthralling journey covering the Big Five, dinosaurs of years gone by and a trip to Mars.

gift of literacy Red Reading Box 3

Fanciful tales of snakes in cars, circus escapades with Manuel and more await those dream chasers among us. While The King of Frogs is a fable that will leave children with a valuable moral: be careful what you wish for.

The Spelling Bee is an exciting spelling quiz. The Voyage of Discovery Map Game and Card set will leave a group of young friends suitably entertained. The Red Reading Box is full of riddles, jokes, puzzles and games galore!

Who remembers that special magical book in their youth; the pop-up book that kept you enthralled for hours? The Red Reading Box contains just such a book; one where doors and windows open to reveal little surprises! There’s even a recipe book for aspiring chefs.

The Red Reading Box is suitable for all children. Buy them at READ Educational Trust for only R250. Proceeds from Red Reading Boxes sold to the public go towards furthering READ’s vision… Reaching out to disadvantaged communities across South Africa, to spread the love of reading and promote literacy.

Order your Red Reading Box as a gift and have it delivered before the 13th December 2016.

Give that gift that keeps on giving: promote literacy in your home, and in your country!

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