H-app-y families

Seeing quality time, or the opportunity to create more of it, door-to-door IT concierge service Solv, has identified some nifty apps for families. Earn some cool credit with your teens, get a real time score of your cellphone usage patterns – yes there is an app for that – and find some useful and fun playtime tips for your little ones.

App-ly now:

BreakFree: Find yourself spending more time on your cellphone than with your family? This app is for you! The average adult checks his phone a whooping 110 times a day, that’s once every 13 minutes. If you, like most people, are checking your phone when you could be spending time with a real human being, or doing something constructive, then download this app. With visually appealing characters, graphs and stats, the app monitors your phone use. Using a highly advanced algorithm it studies your usage pattern and calculates an addiction score in real time – yikes! #getoffyourphone (Currently only available from the PlayStore, but coming to iTunes soon).

Heads Up: From naming celebrities, to singing, to putting on silly accents, everyone who’s anyone is playing this game. Gain instant teen credit and download this fun and hilarious app. Created by America’s favourite talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, guess the word on the card that’s on your head from your friend or family member’s clues before the timer runs out. This one is gauranteed to get even the most serious teen laughing.

Shazam: Identify music in seconds with this app. Impress your kids with your music know-how – an old app by any standard but still very cool, Shazam will send you information on the artist, the song title and the album. If you’re surreptitious enough, you may be able to pull the wool over your child’s eye and claim to have an infinite knowledge of music (as you do of all other things too). The chances are unlikely, but it’s worth giving it a shot.

CakeWalk: A fantastic app for parents with small kids. Find age appropriate activities to keep your kiddies busy. Designed by an engineer, an entrepreneur and an editor who share a common link – young children. The app was designed to make the most out of playtime. No more “I’m bored” – sounds like music to our ears.

For more information on Solv and their IT concierge service for home users and small businesses visit www.solv.co.za.

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