Your Hormones shouldn’t control your weight

Aging should be a graceful and comfortable process. With women’s health issues, however, such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), menopause, hysterectomies and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), graceful and comfortable can seem hard to reach.

All of these can impact a woman’s weight and leave her feeling sluggish, heavy and unhealthy. They can also affect your overall health, putting you at risk for disease and illness.

PCOS refers to an imbalance of a woman’s female sex hormones and can affect up to 18% of all women. The imbalance of hormones has the ability to cause changes in the menstrual cycle, skin changes, small cysts in the ovaries, hinders the opportunity for women to get pregnant, as well other health related problems. It often affects younger woman and can lead to weight gain due to the higher levels of male hormones in the body and insulin-resistance.

Menopause affects all women as they get older, when their ovaries no longer produce a menstrual cycle. As the hormones change in the body, women can experience a drop in their oestrogen levels which can lower metabolic rate. Oestrogen has also been known to control body weight, so when the levels are low, it no longer does this as effectively. Weight gain can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

HRT can occur when a person needs to receive hormones to replace a lack of natural hormones or substitute other hormones. Some studies have linked HRT with cancer and heart disease.

These factors can all contribute to weight gain and health issues – the last thing that you need, especially if you’re nearing your golden years. For young women experiencing PCOS, these issues are premature and can often lead to frustration.

If your waistline measures more than 80 centimetres, it is time to take control back from your hormones.

The Diet Everyone Talks About is able to help curb the effects of all of these issues, lower your weight and allow you to feel like ‘you’ again.

For PCOS, it gives you a solution to help you lose weight, which also assists you in managing diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. By just losing 5% of your total body weight, you are able to control the imbalance of hormones as well as possibly resolve the subject of infertility. The Diet Everyone Talks About can help you reclaim your youth.

For older women, this also holds true. The lifestyle programme can help you melt away the extra kilograms and you’ll want to stick to it long after you’ve achieved your desired weight, helping you maintain and improve your overall health. These leads to overall vitality, giving you back a zest and energy for life.

The Diet Everyone Talks About is a recommended carbohydrate controlled weight loss programme that has been utilised by people for over 20 years. It is a scientific 10 week programme that can only be presented at pharmacies and beauty clinics by trained clinicians.

For more information about how you can get started on The Diet Everyone Talks About or to just get  better acquainted with this possible option, visit for details, or alternatively find them on Facebook: The Diet Everyone Talks About or follow them on twitter @dietsa for daily hints and tips.  You can also give them a call on 016 362 4890 to find out more about this effective diet.

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