Is my baby ready for school?

Your little one is almost or already a toddler and you’re hoping to send her to school. There are so many choices but what works best for your baby and best for you is a decision that requires some thought.

Here are a few things you should know before beginning your search:

  • Is your child ready for school?
    • Is she able to listen to others for reasonably long periods of time?
    • Is she able to focus on a task?
    • Is she able to play with others?
    • Is her language developed enough to communicate with others at school?
    • Is she physically able to undertake a task (i.e. Can she hold a crayon in her hand? Can she walk without assistance?)
    • Is she potty trained?
    • Is she eating largely solid foods?
  • Is she bored at home with the nanny?
    • Does she seem frustrated after a while at home?
    • Is she exploring more of her surroundings?
  • What can we afford?
    • How much disposable income do we have after all our expenses?
    • Are there extra expenses at nursery school that may require more than I budgeted for, and do I have enough to compensate for that?
    • Have I considered the cost of extra travel expenses in my school budget?
    • Does the budget include potential after care services?
  • Will my job accommodate my new responsibility?
    • Can I pick your baby up when the nursery school closes for the day?
    • Do I need to consider an aftercare service?
    • Can I take time off work to participate in special days for your child at school (such as birthday celebrations)?

If you answered “yes” to all the questions above then you are well on your way to sending little boo boo to her first school. If you answered “no” to many of the questions then you may want to re-think your decision. Rather wait till your baby is more ready than add even greater pressure on her and you.

Kamantha Müller

Kamantha Müller

Kamantha is a working mum, wife, PR specialist and proudly South African. She has three pet peeves - 1. Rudeness of any kind and under any circumstances; 2. Micro-managers; and 3. Arb Facebook posts - I don't care that you're drinking coffee at Tashas. As a first time mum she has lived through the ups and downs of motherhood only to come out the other end a wee bit wiser. For this reason, she wishes to share the reality of motherhood and how she would advise preparing for it.

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