Lighting can impact on your little one’s sleep pattern

Did you know that harsh lighting can have a negative impact on your little one’s sleep pattern?

Give your child the warm, ambient, gentler light recommended for nurseries, all while adhering to child-friendly aesthetic designs and maintaining low overhead costs from reduced maintenance and energy savings. This can impact positively on their sleep pattern too.

Our range of energy efficient fluorescent and high-tech LED lamps can be used in the range of bright and colourful ceiling, pedestal, desk and wall light fittings to make your little dreamers feel cosy and comfortable in their own room. The child-friendly designs of the light fittings will inspire your child to play and explore; whilst the glare-free, well-focused lamps will create a safe, positive study environment for young learners.

Ellies also offers colour changing LED lamps, as well as dimmable LED lamps which can completely transform your child’s room as you can adjust the colour or the brightness of light, depending on the activity on hand. Dimmable LED lamps make it easy to attain the softer, soothing light essential to settle your little one for sleep.

Visit or your nearest Builders Warehouse for more information on these bright, colourful products.

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