Linda Mtoba: Huggies New Brand Ambassador

Huggies®, the baby brand synonymous with nappies is delighted to announce the signing of award-winning actress and personality Linda Mtoba as its new Brand Ambassador.

As a new mom Linda Mtoba embodies the joys of a modern South African family. She also shares an inside look at the ups and downs that makes the journey beautiful.

Linda Mtoba will feature in upcoming campaigns for Huggies® from May 2020.

Linda Mtoba

The partnership is perfectly aligned with Huggies® commitment to making the important job of parents and parents-to-be a little bit easier through practical products and parenting advice on various platforms.

The Brand Ambassadorship will showcase the much-loved actress’s precious journey with Baby Bean and Huggies® will be with her every step of the way.

“Huggies® is all about seeing babies thrive and cherishing the precious moments that come with parenting. We are excited to welcome Linda to the Huggies family, and proud to partner with her on this exciting journey. Motherhood is filled with ups and down but, seeing this in an authentic sequence makes for beautiful, real, stories which we want to share with Linda, and in turn she can share the precious experience with other South African moms.” -Morne VanEmmenes, Huggies Marketing Manager of Baby & Childcare

Your Hugs Inspire Ours


Under the tagline Your Hugs Inspire Ours, Huggies® draws its inspiration from parents and their experience. Parenting is an intricate, yet fulfilling and loving journey and Linda Mtoba personifies this amazing experience as a new mom. Linda Mtoba’s television career continues to reach new heights. As an award-winning actress she has graced TV screens with big roles such as Zama on Isibaya. She is currently playing Nomonde on South Africa’s number one telenovela The River. She has generated a huge following from TV screens and social media platforms. Linda Mtoba has reached over a millions of people with aspirational qualities, authentic content, stunning aesthetic and a relatable tone.

Linda Mtoba and Huggies

“When we found out we were expecting our first baby we were excited for the precious gift of life & the beautiful journey that lay ahead. I wanted to partner with a brand that added value to my new life and could help me add value to other moms’ lives. They say you learn from the best and I have been blessed with a phenomenal mom. She shows me every day what unconditional love is and I am able to translate that to my daughter effortlessly. Huggies cares for my baby as well as myself, being there for us through every moment in our new journey.

We still have so much to learn together. I am at ease with Huggies by my side to take care of my little explorer and give her freedom to grow in comfort!

I enjoy living in the moment. With this partnership I am able to focus on creating the best memories with my family that I will cherish forever.” – Linda Mtoba, Huggies SA Brand Ambassador

The Huggies brand has evolved into an integral part of every new baby and new parent’s life.  Huggies® knows that every minute spent with a baby is precious. So they want to help every parent enjoy more of the giggles, kisses and special moments. Moments that they will cherish forever.

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