We are loving Keedo Clothing!

Shopping for kids is always fun. Unless you have to take them into a store… Or get them to try anything on… Or stop them from climbing on and over and under everything or darting out into the mall and disappearing forever. Ok, let’s rephrase… Shopping for kids online is always fun. Unless you have a particularly difficult kid to dress, who won’t wear certain materials… So, here is why we are loving Keedo Clothing.

I was approached to work with Keedo International in November. We have been gifted a few Keedo clothing items and have always loved the quality… But when it comes to Charly’s clothing, we are lazy shoppers. We tend to buy things when she needs them, wherever we happen to be. She isn’t the kind of kid who will try on multiple things for you and she is in between sizes now, so we are never quite sure what size to buy. I chose the outfits I wanted for Charly on the Keedo Clothing website, popping the items into the cart so I could keep track of the costs…

Keedo Clothing website feature

And then I did a super quick in-store shop with her to check sizing. Even just doing a “pop in”, Charly wreaked havoc, using the blocks decor to build giant forts and playing with the gorgeous wooden toys laid out for Christmas. And that is when I knew I had found a brand we would be loving for many years to come… Instead of giving me the evil eye, the store manager played right along with her, while the assitant helped me find the items and sizes I had chosen. I just had to hold it up against Charly for sizing, and then we were done.

Proudly South African

We also love that Keedo clothing was founded right here in Cape Town, South Africa 24 years ago. Keedo employs hundreds of South Africans in 36 stores nationwide, including their Paarden Eiland factory. There are a few smaller satellite factories for home sewers, but most of the designing, sewing and finishing of garments, happens in the Paarden Eiland factory. Having their own cutting room, production line and printing department means Keedo doesn’t have to outsource their work. In 2016, Keedo joined another hugely family-based business in the Cape Union Mart group, as the children’s offering for the brand; but retains the Keedo name.

Here are our very favourite Keedo clothing items for Summer?
The Bow Dress
Keedo Clothing Bow Dress feature

I love the slightly old-fashioned style of this dress on Charly. Doesn’t she look like she just popped out of the past in full colour?! I love the red and white check print and the bow adds just the right feel to it. Proudly locally designed and made of 100% cotton.

The Red Angel Tutu
Keedo Clothing Wings Dress feature

Keedo clothing hit it out of the park with this one. The Angel Tutu dress is incredibly soft combed cotton and is comfortable for little ones to run and jump and climb in. The squeals of joy when Charly realised it had wings made my day and it is a firm favourite for all occasions. A full soft (not scratchy) skirt saw many twirls and dance party this festive season!

The Pom Pom Set Keedo Clothing pompom image

I’ve got to be honest, this is my favourite of the outfits we chose. I say we, but I went to the Keedo clothing store in Cavendish and it was the first thing I looked for. I had seen it on the website and I KNEW it would be perfect on Charly. Lucky for me, she loved it just as much as I did. I love that it is a soft combed cotton, with plenty of stretch for comfort and that it comes with equally soft grey leggings. And then the details of the shiny silver “Angel” and the soft grey pom poms mean that the little outfit “dresses up” for an occasion as easily as it can be worn to school.

The Seastar Set
Keedo Clothing seastar Dress feature

Charly chose this one herself. She loves the soft colours and (of course) the sea unicorns! Again the incredibly soft combed cotton and easy wearing tights make it a playtime winner.

Fantasy Pairings
Keedo Clothing fantasy set feature

There is a Fantasy range of items for girls that Keedo Clothing has that is just beautiful. I love that they are soft colours and have unique designs. Charly decided to pair the Fantasy Butterfly Tee and the Fantasy Tutu Skirt in a pale yellow. She wears it over the easy wearing grey leggings from the Pom Pom set.

Apart from Keedo clothing, they also have a gorgeous range of kids accessories and gifting items. Everything is done with such care and attention to detail.

Does your little one have any Keedo clothing?

Do you have a favourite brand, product or service that tops the list of Things YOU love?

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