Meet the Hairdorables! – A review

There’s no such thing as a bad hair day for Noah and the Hairdorables. Pull, peel, and reveal 11 surprises to unwrap the personality and passion of the Hairdorables girl hidden inside! The dolls are based on the stylish girl squad with the “Big Hair, Don’t Care” attitude from the Hairdorables YouTube channel.

hairdorable#Hairdorable took off when Noah, a sweet and funny vlogger with a passion for hair-styling, decided to share her side-braiding tutorial on YouTube. While shooting her video, Noah fumbled over the words ‘hair’ and ‘adorable’…accidentally coining the term ‘hairdorable’! To Noah’s surprise, her video and #Hairdorable went viral overnight!

When Noah decided to launch her own YouTube channel and invite her friends to join her, the response was a resounding YAAAAAAAS! The twelve Hairdorables characters are all YouTubers themselves. They all create unique content about their interests, from hairstyling to fashion to cooking. Additionally, this stylish girl squad are ready to take the internet by storm with an all-new collection of animated and live-action shorts.

Each package is a surprise!

hairdorablePull, peel, and reveal 11 surprises to unwrap the personality and passion of the Hairdorables girl hidden inside! Each surprise doll comes with fashions, hairstyles and accessories that are unique to her style and talent! The dolls are based on 12 iconic girls from the YouTube series, Hairdorables. All 12 dolls are available in 3 looks – “Signature”, “Rare”, and “Ultra Rare.”

Each doll lives up to the “Hairdorables” name with a variety of unique luxe hairstyles in vibrant colors!

  • Every package is a surprise – which Hairdorables girl will you unwrap?
  • Dolls and assortment of surprises will vary.
  • Each package includes 1 poseable Hairdorables doll and 10 stylish surprises.
  • Ages 3+
  • Retailing for R399.90

Please note that this product is part of an assortment. As a result colours and characters may vary, and will be chosen at random. 

What did our girls think of their Hairdorables?

Charly has been asking for Hairdorables for ages (thanks YouTube) so I couldn’t wait to see her opening hers. Can you even think of anything better than us #crazyhairlady chicks with these awesome dolls?

Charly decided that she wanted her cousin to have one of the Hairdorables that she received as a gift to review from Just Fun Toys. Chloe Bean is the Snow White to our Charly’s Rapunzel. It absolutely added an additional level of excitement as they both opened the surprise-bearing little doors in the (awesome!!!!) box to uncover clues about which of the 36 variations of 12 dolls they had found.


The shared joy and curiosity really made the unboxing experience a special one for them both. They declared their own dolls perfect fits for their personalities with Charly opening Neila (astronomer) and Beanie opening Harmony (music lover).

hairdorableMaybe it’s just the box collector in me, but I LOVE the way they have packaged the surprises. The box itself converts into a relevantly themed “room” with cupboards. Each doll comes with a key accessory tied to their passion (our girls got a keytar and telescope), cute themed shoes, combs that can be personalized with stickers, a hair accessory and a variety of stickers to decorate the doll’s “space”.


“Big Hair, Don’t Care”

Both girls have long hair, just like the Hairdorables. Charly loves that her doll has crazy long hair just like her. It didn’t take long for me to get her twinning with Neila.


Hairdorables are definitely a hit and the perfect gift!

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