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The Milk For Change campaign is part of Tetra Pak South Africa’s celebration of World Milk Day celebrated annually on 1 June. As part of the campaign, some Pick n Pay supermarkets across Gauteng, Western Cape, and KwaZulu-Natal will provide collection points for consumers to donate long life milk while FeedSA will assist with the distribution.

The Milk For Change campaign, which runs from 26 May to 1 June, will assist in feeding communities in need. Thirty-three thousand litres have already been pledged by dairy industry partners.

Two-and-a-half million children in South Africa (14%) attend school hungry, resulting in them not being able to focus properly on their education, according to Statistics on Children South Africa. This figure is set to rise as the effects of South Africa’s drought impacts food production.

John Strömblad, Tetra Pak MD says South Africans are struggling, under present conditions, to put food on the table. “As a result,” he says, “good nutrition is beyond the means of many people as food prices soar because of the worst drought South Africa is experiencing in two decades.”

“The composition of dairy products helps to address both current nutrient deficiencies and the risk of developing chronic diseases. According to Rediscover Dairy, the Consumer Education Project of Milk SA,” says Strömblad, “the dairy intake for South Africans is well below the recommended daily intake of 500ml. Milk is an ideal source of protein and calcium, and also contains a range of essential vitamins and minerals.”

Long life milk is produced through an ultra-high temperature process, which ensures the milk remains fresh – without any preservatives – and retains its nutritional value. Packaging is also a critical aspect of milk preservation. The carton packaging, comprising six layers, also helps with retaining the milk’s nutritional value and freshness, while protecting it from environmental factors.

FeedSA, a non-profit organisation founded in 1994, runs feeding programmes in townships for children who do not receive government grants. The organisation feeds almost 6 000 children daily.

The Milk For Change drive hopes to encourage consumers to donate milk towards the fight against undernourishment in South Africa’s underprivileged communities. The campaign will also educate consumers about the nutritional benefits of long life milk.

“Consumers are often not aware of the extraordinary technology that goes into preserving milk – the technical aspects of the UHT-Ultra High Temperature process, combined with the aseptic packaging process. The Milk For Change drive hopes to empower consumers by giving them insight into this technology, which results in shelf-stable milk without the need for preservatives,” concludes Strömblad.

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Participating stores

Pick n Pay Greenstone
Pick n Pay Ruimsig
Pick n Pay On Nicol
Pick n Pay Hyde Park corner
Pick n Pay Bedford Centre
Pick n Pay Chilli Lane
Pick n Pay Lonehill
Pick n Pay Cradlestone
Pick n Pay Norwood
Pick n Pay Rosebank
Pick n Pay Lynnwood
Pick n Pay Waterkloof Rand

Pick n Pay Meerensee
Pick n Pay Hyper by the Sea
Pick n Pay Westwood

Western Cape
Pick n Pay Camps Bay
Pick n Pay Sea Point
Pick n Pay Somerset West
Pick n Pay Strand
Pick n Pay Wynberg

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