With Mysmartkid, playing is learning

Busy parents of young children everywhere are delighted by the launch which took place at the beginning of May of an innovative play-based educational programme focusing on the all-round development of children in the 0-6 age group.

Mysmartkid[www.mysmartkid.com] is a subscription-based continuity programme which uses toys, tools and play-based activities to promote school readiness and the reaching of key developmental milestones in the field of early childhood development (ECD).

Launched by Leisure Books, a leader in the field of member-based subscription programmes in South Africa, the programme also includes a website with an online shop for both members and non-members as well as suggested activities and expert advice.

John Samson, Business Manager of Mysmartkid, said: “The new Mysmartkid programme is a convenient, fuss-free, value-for-money investment in your child’s future.

“Our aim is to offer peace of mind and convenience for parents and parents-to-be who often find themselves overwhelmed by an avalanche of information, advice and childhood paraphernalia.

Mysmartkid offers these parents a one-stop-shop solution: advice, activities and toys backed by experts to help your child reach his or her developmental milestones in the comfort of your own home and in a fun way,” he explains.

Members sign up to the programme on a 12-month basis. Every two months they receive a ‘Smartbox’ of curated items, usually toys, educational products and activities, targeted to their child’s age group. Accompanying the Smartbox is a full-colour newsletter packed with relevant advice and information as well as tips on how to use the material with your child.

A key benefit of Mysmartkid is the involvement of a panel of leading ECD experts.  “Professionals from the fields of occupational and play therapy and child psychology, themselves parents, have helped develop the programme and will continue to play a key role. Their expertise and insights are instrumental in keeping Mysmartkid relevant, targeted and up-to-date,” says Samson.

The Mysmartkid programme is available for a subscription fee of R295 every second month, which includes free delivery of the Smartbox. Members will also receive targeted age-appropriate email newsletters jampacked with additional information, advice and activities. Other key benefits to subscribers to the Mysmartkid programme include:

  • Free welcome gifts of a children’s backpack (valued at R175) and an exclusive handbook written by an occupational therapist giving parents a step-by-step outline of their child’s ECD milestones.
  • Member-login access to www.mysmartkid.com with its free information, expert advice and ideas for further play-based activities promoting ECD milestones.
  • Exclusive members-only discounts through the Mysmartkid online shop.
  • A monthly member newsletter brimming with expert advice, tips and information for parents.
  • Immediate access to an online parent forum.

To join Mysmartkid or to find out more information about the programme:

This programme is also available in Afrikaans as Myslimkind. / Hierdie program is ook in Afrikaans as Myslimkind beskikbaar.

About Mysmartkid

Mysmartkid [www.mysmartkid.com] is a play-based educational programme targeting 0-6 year-olds. By focusing on a child’s development through the use of age-appropriate toys, tools and activities, the subscription-based programme promotes school readiness with its integrated early childhood development offering.  A panel of childhood development experts, from occupational and play therapists to child psychologists, are closely involved in the development of the programme and their professional insights and expertise on the website provide a continued source of trust and assurance to parents.

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