Natural birth affordable at Genesis Clinic

After helping hundreds of mothers deliver their bundles of joy by natural birth, Genesis Clinic has a happy announcement of its own to make.

The active birth hospital, based in the leafy suburb of Saxonwold, Johannesburg, has opened a second birthing unit specifically designed to make gentle birth accessible to women with tight budgets or on low-cost or restricted medical aids.

By trimming costs by not using private midwives and offering semi-private rooms post-labour, the new unit makes Genesis Clinic Gauteng’s most affordable private medical care for expectant moms.

Jude Polack, founder and director of Genesis Clinic, is passionate about active birth, where healthy moms are supported through a natural delivery with little or no medical intervention, and following their own instinctive responses when it comes to delivering their babies.

“Every woman has the right to play an active role in the birth of her baby, and be treated with love and respect at this pivotal moment in her life,” says Jude. “Now that we’re able to make our nurturing environment so affordable, even more women will be able to experience how empowering it is to retain control of their own labour.”


Mothers delivering in Genesis’s new birthing unit are cared for by the clinic’s in-house team of midwives, both for their ante-natal care and during the birth.

Each mom labours and delivers in one of Genesis’s beautiful, luxurious birthing suites; only the addition of a birthing bath for moms wanting a water birth says this isn’t just a cozy bedroom at home.

Dads and siblings are welcome at any time in the birthing suite as well as later in the ward, as they come to support Mom and welcome their new family member.

An hour post-partum, mothers are moved to a semi-private ward for the remainder of their stay. These wards accommodate just two moms, each in her own room with access onto a balcony, but with a shared adjoining shower and toilet.

It’s not all about comfortable rooms and soothing music on the CD player though. Genesis Clinic is also fully equipped to handle any obstetric emergency, with a top-class operating theatre on the premises, and a team of obstetricians and anaesthetists on call. Babies requiring additional care are stabilised in Genesis’s on-site neonatal high-care facility before being transferred to larger neonatal ICU if necessary, although this is a rare occurrence.

“Giving birth can and should be an incredible experience, without the fear and constraints that often go hand-in-hand with delivering in a hospital environment,” says Jude. “At Genesis Clinic, women can experience childbirth as nature intended.”

  1. Hi,I am an expecting mother and interested in the clunic and giving birth there.What qualifies me to give birth there?Can I also be forwarded a birthing quotations and qhat it includes.I do not have a medical aid so will bw paying cash.

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