November 2016 Winners

Thank you so much to our sponsors GWK Nature’s Farms, Fisher-Price, Bugz PlayPark, Mom2B and Kelloggs! Here are our very lucky November 2016 winners! Merry Christmas y’all!

November 2016 Winners feature

Nature’s Farms November 2016 Winners

GWK Farm Foods, who produce the Nature’s Farms range sponsored 3 hampers for our readers! Each hamper contains the Pasta range (screws, elbows, shells, spaghetti, macaroni and penne), 3 kinds of flour (wheaten cake flour, white bread flour and brown bread flour), white maize and 4 packets of fresh biscuits (ginger, shortbread, choc chip and black forest).

Nature's Farms covers

Proudly local and environmentally friendly, you can find this delicious range at any Pick n Pay store nationwide! Supporting this amazing brands means you are supporting our local farmers and doing your part for the environment!

Congratulations to our winners Marlaine Reynders, Lindsay Thomas and Kim Hoffe!!

The GWK Nature’s Farms team will be in touch soon!

Fisher-Price November 2016 Winners

We all know Fisher-Price toys. Most of us grew up with them and some of us even still have them today! Today’s winner hamper contains Fisher-Price Stack ‘n Roll Cups, Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone, Fisher-Price Scoop and bath Mirror and Bitsy & Roscoe from The Fisher-Price Giggle Gang!

fisher-price hamper

Finding products and toys that go at your baby’s pace is the key to raising an enthusiastic learner. By associating fun and play with learning, you will help create a lifelong aptitude for acquiring new skills. The notion of ’cause and effect’ is only the first leap you watch your child take; you’ll be witness to all sorts of other new discoveries as well.

We are very happy to announce our winner Liezl de Wit, well actually the real winner is  6-month-old Zara! We hope she has a very Merry first Christmas.

A representative for Fisher-Price will be in touch soon!

Bugz Playpark November 2016 Winners

At Bugz we believe that play is an essential part of children’s emotional, physical and intellectual well-being. Basically the more they play, the smarter and stronger they become, so that they can grow happily from little Bugz to big Bugz one day.

Our winner has won 4 VIP kids and 2 parent entrance passes to Bugz Playpark for a whole day!

bugz playpark1

You see everything we’ve built has a purpose – to help bright buttons grow through play. Our PlayPark is specially designed around the joy of play, with dedicated activities and areas for building little muscles, problem solving and enticing wild imaginations. We’ve made it easy for you too. Look out for signs in our play zones explaining exactly which skill your little trooper will be developing.

021 988 8836 | | | 56 Tarentaal street, Joostenbergvlakte, Kraaifontein

Congratulations to Theresa Neethling!

We hope your little ones and their friends will have the BEST time!

Bugz Playpark will be in touch soon to set you up!

Mom2B November 2016 Winners

The 2 Mom2B hampers our winners walk away with today, include one Mom2B Combo Packs of a month’s supply (30 of each) of Nativa Pregnancy supplements and Nativa Pregnancy Omega softgel capsules; one of each flavour of Nativa Mom2B Pregnancy Shakes in delicious chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours. It is important to remember that every mommy is different, so the effectiveness of all of these products might vary between users.

win mom2b feature

Mom2B pregnancy shakes, pregnancy supplements and pregnancy omega capsules are formulated to assist in the provision of essential vitamins and minerals for expecting and breastfeeding mothers and are formulated to complement each other.

You can buy the Mom2B product range from pharmacies and selected retail outlets. You can read more about Mom2B here.

Congrats to the soon-to-be moms Roxan Magnet, who is 30 weeks pregnant and Cherie Lee Chelin, who is 23 weeks! We wish you health and happiness for the rest of your journey!

A Mom2B representative will be in touch with you soon to organise delivery of your prizes!

Kelloggs November 2016 Winners

Two of our readers have won a Breakfasts for Better Days™ hamper that contains Corn flakes, Rice krispies, Coco pops box, Coco pops chocs box, Strawberry porridge, Frosties box, Special K bars, Rice krispies squares, Pringles x3, and Corn flakes mini packs!

kellogg oct-hamper

Since Breakfasts for Better Days launched in 2013 Kellogg Company has helped provide more than 1.7 billion servings of food to people in need globally, exceeding its original milestone to provide 1 billion servings by the end of 2016. The company has also already supported the livelihoods of thousands of farmers around the world, including smallholders and women. Its new commitment to provide 3 billion meals for people around the world by 2025 furthers this important work of fighting hunger and feeding potential through its Breakfasts for Better Days purpose platform. You can find more information here.

Congrats to Venean Bosch and Andisiwe Mbete!! We hope your holidays are filled with family breakfasts around the table!

Kelloggs will be in touch soonest to organise delivery of your prizes!

That wraps up our November 2016 Winners!

BUT WAIT!! There is still an open competition to win an awesome fully catered themed kiddies birthday party in Cape Town to enter HERE!!
There will also be giveaways going live from tonight from Philips Avent, Baby Throne, bbox Essentials and Real Kids Shades!! Keep a close eye on our Facebook page to make sure you don’t miss out!



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