Pockit Stroller – Mama Magic New Product Award Winner

When my oldest was born, nearly 15 years ago, I had a pram that took up the entire boot of my little Golf Chico. It was probably too big for my car… It took me a while to position it so that I could securely shut the boot. I have watched how prams have evolved over the last 15 years. But I recently attended the Mama Magic New Product Awards show and saw the Pockit stroller and was completely blown away by it.Pockit Stroller

The Pockit stroller won in the Travel section. It was also the Overall Winner for 2016 Mama Magic New Product Awards. Have you ever tried to squash a pram into your boot? Or tried to check one in at an airline counter? You will be as excited as I am about this stroller!

The Pockit is officially the world’s smallest pram! It is 30 x 18 x 35 cm and weighs only 4.3 kg, which is less than your child. This stroller folds up small enough fit inside a large handbag. Yip, you read right… You can fit this pram inside a bag.

This makes everyday life with a stroller so much easier. You are now able to easily take your stroller with you wherever you go. While the Pockit is small, it still has all the qualities of a larger pram. It has underneath storage space, the most advanced security and has swivel wheels.

Is this not super cool? Struggling with prams is a universal problem. I see moms almost daily in parking lots trying to fold up prams or open them up or fit them into their car. I also see moms wishing they had bought the pram with, but didn’t because the car was too full or it was just a mission to pack it in the car. The Pockit solves all of these problems.

You can find out more about the Pockit Stroller on their website and Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.



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