Preschool in a Box – at home

Parents are you struggling to cope with work, homeschooling, cleaning, cooking and everything in between?

Well, WackyBox can help – Nicolene Steyn founder of WackyBox has, over the past 4 years, developed Preschool in a Box. It contains everything you need to keep your little ones entertained and educated while at home.

It covers all major educational milestones between the ages of 5 months and 6 years, with age-appropriate activities, and new themes each month. An open up and start playing experience, with minimal prep.

No more searching, planning, extra buying or even printing! Everything you need is ready to use inside the box. (Even some messy play mixtures!)

What is more, the box itself is also a part of the activities which means that nothing goes to waste, and no clutter builds up in your home.

WackyBox delivers to your door, anywhere in the country.

They make schooling at home EASY for parents.

WackyBox has been around for 4 years and has sent out around 43000 boxes to parents and caregivers who find this product easy to use. Simply open-up-and-play. No searching, planning, or printing needed.

More about Wacky Box/Woelwater

Wacky Box/Woelwater’s key offering is monthly subscriptions of activity boxes that are also effective in stimulating your children through their play. They are available for children from five months to six years of age. The boxes are subscription based and provide 16 activities per month that cater to your child’s age. The box comes with everything needed for each activity with the intention of “no mess, no fuss.” Every item placed in the box is used up by month-end – including the box – which means it can all be discarded or recycled and will not leave a mess in your home.

Read more here: Flatten the curve with Wacky Box and Woelwater

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