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There’s no question that once you’ve had a baby, you put yourself second. Every instinctive fibre of your being places this precious new little life first… And you subconsciously move into second, third, fourth, maybe even fifth in line! (Depending on how many little ones you have.) Pure Beginnings wants to spoil a very special mom this month of May to celebrate Mothers Day! They are giving away a pamper hamper from their lesser-known Organic Care adult range. This way, moms can enjoy the incredible benefits of natural organic skincare along with their baby.

Pure Beginnings believes in keeping your baby’s skin as pure as the day they were born… and that moms deserve the same! Pure Beginnings products and the ingredients in them have not been tested on animals. They are endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty South Africa and have Vegan accreditation.

We see that budget you had… to try out that new restaurant, to buy those new shoes or take a trip to the spa… We see it disappear into tiny new clothes, nappies and baby clinic checkups. At the sight of a snotty nose or patch of dry skin, we jump into ‘mom mode’! Willing to do anything to help, cure or remedy. While suddenly upgraded to the status of heroine, we have simultaneously downgraded ourselves. We can’t help it. We’re wired this way. And it’s a willing and beautiful sacrifice, but it can be hard.

We see the sleepless nights… How you’ve cut a thousand apples… The worries you take with you to bed at night… The never-ending car trips to and from school and the plasters you stick on owies! And the sometimes-overwhelming emotional load you carry.

We also see the joy in your child’s eyes from being unconditionally loved! And how safely and carefully they’re cuddled into bed at night. From reading bedtime stories to swinging in the park… From the candles on a birthday cake to sitting on the ground together to build towers with blocks. You bring them joy. We see you!

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Thank you Moms, for your unfathomable love, your selfless dedication to your families, your genuine kindness and desire to empower the little people you love on every day.
We stand with you in gratitude for all you are and all you do. Happy Mothers Day!

Pure Beginnings is giving away a Mothers Day hamper containing

• Balancing Shampoo
• Balancing Conditioner
• Revitalising Body Wash
• Hydrating Body Lotion
• Natural Deodorant

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  1. This was harder than I thought it was going to be! What makes me a great mom is that I’m constantly trying to be better. I’m trying to figure out ways to be more patient, understanding and accepting of myself and my children because as they grow into little people I am growing in my motherhood!

  2. The one thing that makes me a great mum is quite simply LOVE! Love is all our children need to thrive in this world, when we let love lead us then our actions can never be wrong. Love is all we need and when we get it from conception to death our lives will always be complete. I love my children endlessly and that love will always outweigh everything else <3

  3. U am a great mom because I am always with my children helping them push forward in their goals

  4. What makes me a great mom? Hmmmm I am going to say how quickly I bounce back in tough times. Like when the kids are sick and I haven’t slept in days. I don’t let it destroy me. Which allows me to continue momming hard!

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