Puss in Boots – a must see!

Our assistant editor and her family headed off to watch Puss in Boots the Lyric Theatre at Gold Reef City a short while ago.

Puss in Boots live in Gauteng!

Puss in Boots

I remember when I was a child my mom took me to watch Annie at the Durban Theatre. It was such a fancy affair. We got dressed up, my gran came with, it was a real adventure. I loved it. Even the intermission was such a treat. I mean who doesn’t love a break where you get to stock up on treats right?

I have been hesitant to take my children for a few reasons, pretty much all of them my own issues. When you are watching a movie and you have to take your child out, the actors never know but when you do it at a live production they do know and I would hate them to think I was walking out because the show was bad. I worry that the show won’t hold the kid’s attention and they will start throwing popcorn at the stage or something equally revolting.

My fears, however, were unfounded when we recently watched Puss in Boots at the Lyric Theatre at Gold Reef City. Jack and Emma both loved it. We were very lucky to get seats in the second row, which made it so much more real to see it all up close and personal.

It was a brilliant show, from start to finish. The set was amazing. I kept looking at it and thinking how much fun someone must have had painting all the brightly coloured flowers. Clearly a lot of work went into each different scene.

Puss in Boots

The costumes were just as impressive. The ogre’s wheelchair fascinated Jack. He couldn’t figure out how the ogre went from having legs to not having legs. The outfits the mother wore were my favourite, her huge hoop skirts and donuts on her head were brilliant. Puss had some trendy brown boots on, seriously I wouldn’t mind a pair! And the princess dresses had Emma gasping in awe.

The actors, however, are what made the show and each one was as good as the other. There is a small cast but they were phenomenal. It was a pretty high energy show and they danced and sang and acted non-stop with as much energy as when they started. Tom’s brother, Tristan, was my absolute favourite. The dancers were the most impressive though, they danced and danced with costume changes and new moves each time. I was exhausted for them.

Obviously in true Pantomime style there were a lot of jokes only the parents understood, which was also nice as it meant we got to enjoy it as well. The kids were riveted though and danced and sang and got involved when they were asked to. David and I had more fun watching their reactions.

Puss in Boots

It is quite a long show; the first half is 75 minutes and then 55 minutes after intermission so everyone can get to the loo and stock up on snacks. I was very surprised when I realized how long it was that my kids had sat still for so long.

Puss in Boots performances will run at The Lyric from the 30 June to 23 July during the following times: Wed at 14h30; Thu & Fri at 19h30; Sat at 14h30 & 19h30; Sun at 11h00 & 16h00.

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