ReillyRooz: inspired designer baby accessories

When it comes to surviving the sometimes trying moments of baby and toddlerhood, modern moms (and dads!) need a little help.

Nobody knows that better than ReillyRooz, the designer baby accessories brand that aims to make parents’ lives that little bit easier through its collection of ingenious baby and toddler products.

The brainchild of mother of three, Kerry Costa ReillyRooz brings to life all those ‘that’s-just-what-I-need’ products that parents think about so often but haven’t previously had access to. Think compact pack-up-and-go play mats, giant multi-clips for securing bags to trolleys and prams, and hygienic trolley covers to keep kids safe and comfortable while shopping.

The latter item – the ReillyRooz Shopping Trolley Pouch – is the company’s flagship product and was conceptualised by Kerry. “Often, while shopping with my daughter Reilly, she’d get bored with sitting in the trolley. Soon she’d start touching the trolley and then would put her hands straight into her mouth! When I saw retailers offering sanitising trolley wipes to shoppers, I wondered just how clean trolleys were,” Kerry explains.

She investigated the issue and found startling statistics pointing to the dirtiness of shopping trolleys. She also visited local malls and saw trolleys stored in parking lots and used for packing shelves and fridges and transporting fresh produce waste.

“As consumers, we don’t know if those trolleys are ever cleaned or not. Sanitising trolley wipes go a long way to helping moms and dads, but are impractical when it comes to cleaning all the parts of trolleys that children touch,” says Kerry.

This prompted her to develop the ReillyRooz Shopping Trolley Pouch, which effectively covers all the areas of a trolley that young children (up to 4 years) sitting in the front seat are exposed to. The easy-to-assemble pouch slips easily into the seat and wraps over the handlebar of the trolley, offering a hygienic and comfortable shopping solution for both parents and their children.

The pouch is made from a durable denim and polycotton, is available in six cute polka dot colourways, and features two toy loops, a pocket for baby’s bottle and storage for keys and toys. The best part is, it’s super affordable!

ReillyRooz was created in loving memory of Kerry’s second child, little Reilly, who passed away tragically when she was 13 months old. It takes its name from the safety offered by the trolley pouch, which was inspired by that of a mother kangaroo’s pouch, and Reilly’s nickname, Rooz. Similarly, the company’s logo is Reilly’s handprint – a constant reminder of how she touched, and continues to touch, the lives of the family she left behind.

The ReillyRooz Shopping Trolley Pouch is an amazingly simple yet highly innovative product that has struck chord with parents everywhere. To date more than 2500 pouches have been sold, with orders coming from as far afield as the USA.

This standout product has recently been joined by the convenient ReillyRooz Zip and Go Playmat and the nifty ReillyRooz Handy Clip – the ultimate shopping accessory for multitasking parents.

Kerry says these – and all future – ReillyRooz products are developed by her family for the enjoyment of other families. “Our products are designed and made with love. By purchasing them, we welcome other people into our family, and thank them for extending the reach of Reilly’s touch. Through our love for Reilly we will continue to add inspired products to our line-up that will change people’s lives; true to the life and love of a little girl named Reilly.”

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