Reviewing the 2016 Readathon Red Reading Adventure Box

The 2016 Red Reading Adventure Box was launched nationally as part of the Readathon Campaign in schools around the country. This is part of READ’s relentless pursuit of improving literacy in South Africa and raising the levels of reading and writing.

Red Reading Adventure Box 1

The READ Educational Trust team has designed a box so exciting, it has successfully enticed children from all backgrounds into the wonderful world of reading and literacy. We were so excited to explore our very own 2016 Red Reading Adventure Box!

Red Reading Adventure Box 2

Exploring the 2016 Red Reading Adventure Box

Each box contains all the materials needed to complete the activities. The instructions are well laid out and there are enough activities to keep children involved for hours. There are books, fun games and posters designed to interest and develop creativity.

Red Reading Adventure Box 3

The Adventure Book inside the box is very special; it’s a pop-up book! Pictures come alive as the pages are turned. It shows children how to make a spacecraft, a circus tent, a helicopter and even a scary woman pop-up! Doors and windows open and close, and flaps are lifted to reveal surprises. There’s even a little book of recipes for aspiring chefs.

The best part of all is that the children are “building” their Adventure book by themselves!

Red Reading Adventure Box 6

We also loved the large illustrated map! And all the cards covering the back and front teaching kids the most interesting things from around the world.

Red Reading Adventure Box 5

What age group is the Readathon Red Reading Adventure Box aimed at?

The Readathon Red Reading Adventure Box is aimed at Intermediate Phase learners. My children are aged six, Grade R and nine, Grade 3. We were very excited when we received our box.

When we first opened it, my daughter was a bit sad that all the materials seemed more suitable to her brother than for a pre-schooler.

We read all the instructions and began constructing our projects and reading some of the stories. We quickly developed a system where they could both participate in the fun.

Red Reading Adventure Box 6

My preschooler had so much fun with the huge amount of cutting involved. She soon got very excited and professed to be the “master cutter” in her class! She did a good job of cutting the crafts in line with the guidelines. And diligently matching each cut out with the matching story in the Adventure book.

Red Reading Adventure Box 7

“…there are those little realists who thirst for non-fiction adventures. They love learning about animals and dinosaurs and how things work and whether they could possibly survive on Mars in the future. The Readathon Red Reading Box has it all! “

My son is exactly as described above. He’s a realist who is most interested in non-fiction, like how things work and soaking up information on space.

The Adventure box caters for a huge variety of interests!

Why should you get a box?

There are so many reasons! The Readathon Red Reading ‘Adventure’ Box is a great investment for your children or learners.

  1. Keeping the children unplugged

I am always complaining that my children are spending way too much time in front of the xbox, the tv and their tablets/phone games. I try my best to limit their screen time but it’s a constant battle.

The reading box covers such a wide variety of learning topics that the children end up spending hours on every page, without even missing their screen time!

  1. Having fun while learning

In addition to a series of spelling quizzes hosted by The Spelling Bee, the box comes with a pack of playing cards and game suggestions, a Voyage of Discovery Map Game and Card set, and an I Spy poster game. The Jolly Joker will keep children occupied with an endless ream of riddles and jokes, and the Word Wizard will test their word skills with challenging puzzles.

Red Reading Adventure Box 8

The box comes with its very own Explorer, who will take kids on an enthralling journey covering our very own Big Five, dinosaurs of years gone by and even a trip to Mars. Non-fiction adventures that appeals to both boys and girls of any age.

I learned a thing or two myself even though I have always been an avid reader!

  1. Children are encouraged and motivated to READ

As is par for the course with each and every literacy initiative undertaken by READ, children of all ages are encouraged to read, read and read some more!

Included in the Adventure book is a reading list of recommended books for children. This year’s suggested reading list includes fables (Aesop’s The Lion and the Mouse), classics (Little Women, Alice in Wonderland) sci-fi (The Hunger Games Trilogy) and more.

My children have ticked off three books on the list and now they are so motivated to scour our library for books so they can tick it off the list!

Red Reading Adventure Box 9

  1. An opportunity to spend quality time together

As with all working parents, the time spent with our children are limited. Because of this I have got to make sure that the time we spent together is intentional quality time. The READ box is absolutely perfect at providing an opportunity to engage with your children doing something fun.

Most of the instructions for the activities and crafts require the guidance of a parent or educator to help them to work through each page. Especially for the younger children like my six year old, it’s been such a great few hours spent sitting together crafting and learning.  Red Reading Adventure Box 10

  1. Children are encouraged to use their imagination

In addition to the Adventure book, maps and games, every box also includes a book called the “Journal of Discovery”. Children are provided with pictures that they need to cut out and paste into their journal. Each picture is a topic on which to write their own adventure story in their journal.

My kids have written the wildest stories and drawn the most amazing pictures above what was provided, using their imaginations to create their very own adventures!

Red Reading Adventure Box 11

Would I recommend it?

The Readathon Red Reading Adventure Box is an investment that I would highly recommend. We have had ours for a few weeks already and we are still using it. With all the hours they’ve spent on the Adventure book activities, they have only covered half its contents!

It is such a pleasure to see my kids having fun together and making use of all the materials in the box. Especially since they are learning and unplugged. It’s way better than buying them a new toy!

I’d recommend buying one box for your children to share. Initially I thought this would be problematic but I was proven wrong. My children have had so much fun sharing one box and learning at the same pace, helping each other when they get stuck.

Buy a box and support a great initiative

Besides the educational value, you can make a difference and purchase a Red Reading Box directly from READ for R250 or from TAKEALOT.

One hundred percent of the profit of the Readathon Red Reading Boxes is allocated to distributing 3,000 of these boxes to schools in South Africa, furthering READ’s vision of reaching out to disadvantaged communities, promoting literacy and encouraging the joy of reading far and wide.

To find out more about this incredible ‘Adventure’, visit Join the conversations on:




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