Safe2Go aimed at toddler car seat safety

Safe2go was invented when my own toddler started opening his car seat buckle. He was running free in the car while I tried to focus on the road!

Safe2go aims to give parents piece of mind while travelling – making sure toddlers are safe inside their baby car seat.

  1. Please give a brief company profile?

Verotype Pty Ltd was originally used for my Financial accounting /Consulting business.

I have provided financial services to a few clients. I am passionate about accounting but also studied an MBA at the University of Pretoria.

I have a 3 year old toddler who climbed out of his baby car seat by opening the car seat buckle. It was so dangerous .I had to stop many a time to secure him in his chair again .This was not a solution as he would just open it again. This would leave me as a mommy very scared as he was not safe anymore.

Nothing helped.

Try to reason with a toddler.

SAFE2GO was invented.

  1. What products/s or services does Safe2go supply?

The H shaped harness & the Y shaped baby car seat buckle cover .Both of these products carry patented designs.

A new product is being launched the I shaped safety belt softner , which will cover an existing safety belt and secure one from being irritated in the neck area. This will be for adults,children and toddlers.

  1. Please give a brief description/ benefits of your product?

It gives peace of mind to mommies and daddies while driving.

These products will give an extra measure of relief to know that your child is now safe again in their baby car seat.

They won’t be climbing out anymore by opening the buckle or removing their arms from the shoulder straps.

The Y shaped baby car seat buckle cover, goes around the buckle to cover it so that the child can’t unclip the buckle and then escape from the seat. It has a special fastener inside to secure that it won’t open to easily. It is made from soft material and is easy to use and easy to open by an adult. It is Child prove..

The H shaped harness is there to secure that the babies arms stay inside the shoulder straps.

It covers the original straps that come attached with the baby car seat.

It is not only soft and pretty but is specifically designed with SAFTEY in mind.

  1. What is Safe2go’s  goal with it’s products?

These are brand new products. Both products carry design patents.

I would like to introduce the products to the market and create brand awareness. Maybe I am fortunate enough to be able to be noticed as having an innovative product and might have a BIG distributor sell my products. I would like to give mothers peace of mind while travelling. It helped me with my 3 year old.

I want to solve a problem that has been in existence for a long time and there was no product around to give a solution to the problem.

  1. Is your product or service local/ imported?

The product is locally produced.

  1. Is it part of a franchise?

No it is not a franchise

  1. Is your product or service new and innovative: (released in the last year)

The SAFE2GO products are brand new. It will be launched at the expo for the first time .Both products also carry structural and functional design patents, as these products are newly designed and not available elsewhere.

  1. Are you an entrepreneur?

I am a financial manager /consultant  by profession but also studied a MBA at university.

I would love to carry the title of Entrepreneur as this is my second attempt in thinking out of the box.

It is not easy to start something new as one does not know if the rewards afterwards will even come close to all the effort been put into such a service or product, and one is always scared of failure. I guess if you don’t try you will never know if it could have been a success you will always wonder.


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