Save R6,875 on nappies with the Baby Throne (WIN)

The average baby uses 3,650 nappies from birth to two years old. At current pricing, disposable nappies costs R3.12 EACH. The Baby Throne and its technique has proven it can save over 2,200 diapers for one baby. That is a saving of R6,875 for each baby BEFORE the age of 2! You can win a Baby Throne for your little one valued at R999!

Baby Throne prize

The Baby Throne was designed and created by a mom. She noticed that her son showed indications of when he wanted to “go” and that a specific squat position triggered the instinct to “push”.  She realised that it wasn’t necessary for a baby to be sitting in poop on a regular basis. And that it is possible to be finished with nappies before 18 months. This is the same age that children were off nappies as before the invention of disposables 40 years ago!

Qualified as an engineer, Zoe designed the Baby Throne to simply adapt traditional toilet training techniques (taken from the days before nappies were invented) to our modern lives.

As soon as baby can sit up straight by themselves, which is at about 4 months, you can start using the Baby Throne. You are not “toilet training” them, you are just helping baby empty their bowels properly. It is basic physiology and gravity. The soft, comfortable material that gently holds baby in a squat position. This allows baby to make the connection between wanting to “go” and the Baby Throne. As a result of this you end up using fewer nappies.

You can click here to calculate how much money and time you can save using the Baby Throne!

The Baby Throne has received endorsements from paediatricians and a world recognized paediatric surgeon as a valuable aid, especially for children when transitioning from liquid to solid foods. It is patented in SA, Australia, Europe and the USA.

Another this to consider… It has been claimed that a disposable diaper can take over 200 years to degrade… Washing cloth diapers properly isn’t exactly environmentally friendly either. So not only is the Baby Throne saving you thousands of rands and is much healthier for baby than consistent nappy usage, it also allows you to live a greener life.

Find out more about the Baby Throne here. Follow them on Facebook , on Twitter and you can find a detailed video on how it all works here on YouTube.

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  1. I would love to win this for my 2 year old as we’re embarking on potty training over these holidays.

  2. Awesome product! I have a friend who is using it and it works like a bomb. Would love for my (almost) 8 month old little girl to have one.

  3. The The Baby Throne looks like a very good product, baby was born 30/11 and is 1 week old, would love to try this Throne when baby is a little older

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