Style Your Bump ~ Get the Look

Let’s build a wardrobe capsule for your growing belly, but one that can also be worn post baby bump. Gone are the days of hiding away the bump, let’s embrace it and rock our Mom bodies PROUDLY! Last week I gave you some tips to style your bump, this week I am helping you get the look from our own local stores!

Get the Look – The Mom on the Go Errand Dress

A classic black maxi is a must for all maternity wardrobes. It can be dressed down for a Mom-on-the-go look or paired with cute heels and a jacket to transition from day to night.

My Inspiration (Girl Crush, Cara Loren is absolutely beautiful and I’m addicted to her blog)

Get the look 1

Get the Look 2

Get the Look (Well, this is sort of my interpretation of the look actually)

Get the Look 3

The Stripe Print

Besides being a wardrobe staple, the stripe print is effortless and feminine.

Ever since Coco Chanel launched the stripe print in her nautical collection in 1917 (and my ultimate fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn, debuted her classic brenton stripe top), we find ourselves resorting to this simple, yet massive statement style. In my cupboard, you’ll find them in every shade and going in every direction. This nifty print can be dressed both up or down, which is what makes it so super versatile.

My Inspiration (Meet Gaelyn from My Corner View, I’m kind of a little obsessed with her style and her blog. I love Moms with a bit of retro flair)

Get the look 4

Get the Look

Get the Look 5

My Inspiration

Get the look 6

Get the Look

Get the look 7

The Elasticated Pants

My ride or die for any cupboard, whether you’re pregnant or not. Comfort and style come together perfectly, and they are so easy to pair with anything.

My Inspiration

Get the look 7

Get the Look

Get the look 8

The Wrap Top

The Inspiration

Get the look 9

Get the Look

Get the look 10

It is easy to stare at beautiful stylish pregnant women on the Internet and wish you could look like that, and assume that their clothing is all designer labels and expensive. It is even easier to look around a little at the amazing variety of maternity wear locally, inexpensive and just as gorgeous, and get the look yourself!

Happy Shopping!

*Lindsay is the owner of Kids Fashion brand Love Made Me and the Tums 2 Tots kids fashion columnist for The Kids Style File

Lindsay Leigh Thomas

Lindsay Leigh Thomas

Lindsay is the owner of kids fashion label Love Made Me, which focuses on customisation and bespoke orders. She is a 29 year old mommy blogger, married to her high school sweetheart Carl and Mommy to 2 boisterous adorable boys, Daniyal and Joshuah. You can find her blogging at Love Made Me. Lindsay works full time as a Property Officer for a large Healthcare, but has had a long term love affair with kiddies fashion and accessories, so in August she took the leap and launched Love Made Me. It has been a huge success and is growing rapidly.

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