Take a cold shower – it’s good for your health!

Would you think I was crazy if I told you to spend one of your precious mom moments and take a cold shower? Until recently, I would have agreed, but here we are… Mom Moments with Megan Kelly is saying there might just be some really worthwhile reasons to take a cold shower.

Beauty is pain, right? Well, in the case of a cold shower, it’s more of a discomfort than pain, but is it really worth it? Medical doctors are speaking out and agree with several celebs who swear that cold showers offer major health benefits. And while we’re not fans of the thought, they might just have us convinced.

By now you must have heard the old wives’ tale that a cold shower to rinse your hair promises shinier and healthier looking hair. Turns out that it wasn’t just our crazy old grandmother’s idea of having us wide awake for school. Rinsing your hair with cold water helps close the hair cuticles, locking in moisture and boosting shine. This sort of makes sense, considering that scalding hot showers result in a dry and itchy scalp and can very often lead to dandruff.

The science is that hot water strips the skin of natural oils and removes its ability to ward off dryness and irritants. Lukewarm / cold water is gentle on the skin which can go as far as helping reduce inflammation, tighten pores and (every mom’s biggest beauty worry) under eye puffiness.

Cold water also helps improve circulation of the blood that surrounds your organs which can help lower blood pressure, clear blocked arteries and improve your body’s natural immune system. When that water hits your body in a cold shower, your arteries tend to pump blood more efficiently which boosts the overall health of your heart and body.

For years, healthcare professionals have been making use of the seemingly simple regime and extending the science to offer cold shower hydrotherapy, which is said to help patients with depression and anxiety. Besides a cold shower being invigorating and revitalising, it has been proven to improve your overall mood too.

Professional sportsmen have also been known for taking ice baths after training to help reduce muscles soreness for years. And for those of us who break a sweat in a less gruelling gym session (or chasing the toddler), a cold shower can help relieve tension or soreness of the muscles.

It still seems a little crazy, but with the endless list of benefits that extends to stimulating weight loss, easing stress and improving your body from the inside and out… It makes me wonder – how many of you will be opting for a cold shower tomorrow morning?

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Megan Kelly Botha

Megan Kelly Botha

Megan is a WAHM to the adorable Axl, and married to the love of her life, Darren, for the last 3 years. During the day, she spends her time juggling the demands of a toddler, while documenting her life and passion for all things beauty, on her personal blog - By Megan Kelly. At night, she takes to the phones of an American based company and plans and coordinates children’s gaming parties. She owes her success to a caffeine, chocolate and undeniable makeup addiction.

  1. Oh goodness, cold showers are SO not my cup of tea. Whenever we don’t have hot water I’d rather have a little budgy bath with warm water from the kettle in the sink.
    I’m sure there’s a ton of benefits, but I’ll pass.

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