Teach your toddler manners

Every parent aims to raise their child with respect for others and general manners. You hope that your child will use them regularly as it is a good reflection on you and your style of parenting. Learning manners at an early age will stand them in good stead for having healthy relationships in the future.

  1. Firstly, your child is at an impressionable age where they look to you for guidance and support, as well as a role model to follow and learn by example. It is therefore vital that you portray yourself in the best possible light, as a good role-model for your child. Ensure that you make use of phrases such as “excuse me”, “thank you” and “you’re welcome”. These are all phrases that you want your little one to begin learning to make use of.
  2. Start at the beginning. Your toddler may not yet understand the significance of the words “please” and “thank-you”. However, you are able to instill basic understanding. Your toddler will eventually understand that if they say they want something, it can only be acquired by using the word “please”. They will also know that afterwards they need to finish by using the phrase “thank-you”.  Children will learn these trends and there usefulness, long before they understand there meaning.
  3. Teach your child to call a person by their name or title. Again this is simply a case of habit. Make a point of correcting your toddler if they do not make use of a person’s name or title. Get them into the habit of saying, “Jim, may I…”, “Mom, can I…”, “Dad, where is…”. This way they will learn to use a name or title before asking a question or making a request.

These are just three ways of ensuring that your toddler grows up to be polite and show excellent manners. It usually stems from being brought up in an environment and family that expects nothing less than good manners from their children.

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