The basics for your baby bag

Travelling with a baby is like travelling with a time controlled bomb. You just never know when it will explode!

My first experience of this was when my son was 2 weeks old and he was diagnosed with jaundice. Side note: Just because you have a yellow-undertone does not mean its normal for your baby to be yella. All that time I thought he’s an Indian baby with fair skin the colour of very pale turmeric, in the mean time he had jaundice. Yes people, I was that ignorant.

When my turn to see the nurse arrived she asked me to remove his babygro so she could extract blood from his heel. I took off the babygro and the stench of fresh newborn poo hit us like a truck with failing brakes.

Let me make this real for you, I have a limited sense of smell by virtue of my inherited deviated septum, but even that was no challenge for the killer aroma wafting from my son’s nappy. It burned the inside of my nose and it seemed to evaporate all the oxygen in the room.  Poisonous gas surely does not have such a deadly impact as the potent smell of your child’s waste.

Yet, that was not the worst part. With an anxiety attack on the way, I look into my baby bag only to realise I did not have a plastic bag for the liquid poo nappy, and the now brown baby clothes that I needed to dispose of.

So, there I am. The clinic is full, the baby is not happy being half naked and I am holding a nuke bomb in one hand that is threatening to leak all over the floor, while using my other hand to prevent my son from wriggling all over his “muddy” clothes. That day was lesson number one for a new mother –  ensure you have all the basics in your nappy bag.

What are the basics?

  1. A baby towel (to place under him when you remove the biochemical hazard, i.e. his nappy)
  2. A baby blanket (to cover him if he feels cold either in the car seat, pram or while you change him – at least the chest and tummy)
  3. A change of clothes (don’t fool yourself, often its a war zone down there)
  4. Full pack of baby wipes
  5. Disinfectant hand wash (for when you’re not near a bathroom and have to soldier on)
  6. Baby bum cream
  7. Several diapers (I would say 4-6)
  8. A bottle of sterilised water + a dispenser of formula
  9. Two face cloths (if you have a boy, always great to have one face cloth handy to cover his willy when you’re changing him so he doesn’t spray you in the face)
  10. A bib
  11. A cotton cap for his little head
  12. Two plastic bags (one for the dirty nappy and one for any soiled clothes)
  13. Possibly a pacifier if you’re open to it and it calms little poo monster.

Pack your bag with these essentials and you are sure to be ready for any attack your baby’s nether regions throw at you. One poop at a time!

Following 6 months, I suggest you add these to your nappy bag:

  1. Bottle of sterilised water or rooibos tea for baby to drink
  2. Baby puree, bowl and teaspoon
  3. Baby’s favourite toy
  4. Possibly some mushed fruit as a snack
Kamantha Müller

Kamantha Müller

Kamantha is a working mum, wife, PR specialist and proudly South African. She has three pet peeves - 1. Rudeness of any kind and under any circumstances; 2. Micro-managers; and 3. Arb Facebook posts - I don't care that you're drinking coffee at Tashas. As a first time mum she has lived through the ups and downs of motherhood only to come out the other end a wee bit wiser. For this reason, she wishes to share the reality of motherhood and how she would advise preparing for it.

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