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Gold Reef City Theme Park has been an institution in the Joburg skyline for many years. A few weeks ago Tums 2 Tots was fortunate enough to be invited to an event at the park and then to spend the day experiencing all the thrills it has to offer. We sent the lovely Lindi Mogale and her family to let us know how it went…

GRC love
On Family Day two weeks ago, I took my sister, my nephew and my 2 kids to Gold Reef City. As you drive past, you can hear the screams as people experience the amazing and scary rides. TheSpare and I were feeling a bit under the weather but, in the end, it was a day well spent even for him, as he experienced his first Ride at an amusement park and he is hooked.

What did we love about Gold Reef City? Where do I start?

  • Firstly, as a mom, I love that Gold Reef fully caters for children of all ages. The entertainment (various characters, music, dancing, face painting) make it a magical place for all children, regardless of their age. I am at two ends of the spectrum, TheSpare is 2 years old and the oldest, TheHeir, just turned 9. Both had things that could entertain them. We also took along my nephew who is 8 and, although he was too short for the thrill rides, he enjoyed himself immensely.
  • There are plenty of change rooms – My first stop, always.
  • I love the fact that it is perfectly paved, which means you can push the pram throughout the park.
  • I loved the thrill rides! TheHeir and I had a blast – he had his first roller coaster ride and I was there to enjoy it with him!
  • There were plenty of benches for people to sit and relax and watch their kids/ grandkids play.
  • There was plenty of parking and security.
  • The attendants at each of the rides are very helpful.
  • There are a great variety of restaurants on offer. We had a buffet lunch at the Barneys Restaurant – I love that there was a meal selection for the kids and adults.
  • The kids loved experiencing the park during the event’s treasure hunt, as we explored the whole park looking for stamps from the various shops.
  • They have a chocolate shop… need I say more?!
  • Kiddies Corner – caters for the younger kids and has rides, face painting, food and other forms of entertainment for the younger kids who cannot get on the Thrill rides to enjoy, There were jumping castles, a stand to shoot and win a prize, and inside the hippodrome there was a great setup of experiences, like a massive slide for the children.

You can easily spend the whole day at Gold Reef City with the entire family. GRC view

*This is not a sponsored post. Although we attended the event as guests, all thoughts on the experience are the author’s own.

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Lindi Mogale

Lindi Mogale

Lindi is a wife and mom of 2 amazing boys (TheHeir 9yo and TheSpare 2yo). During the day she heads up a team of kick-ass change management specialists, but at night she is the cook, nanny, chief whip of her family and blogger. She juggles travelling for work, a busy schedule, studying and mothering, while wearing beautiful shoes, because that is what one does, you know. Her passion lies is supporting other women, having copious amounts of fun and creating a platform for other mothers to explore their creativity through her blog A Well Heeled Woman and FB group African Mommy Bloggers.

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