Trash 4 Treats: Rewarding clean habits

Mitchell Heights Primary School in Mitchell’s Plain claimed the top spot in the INEOS Trash 4 Treats inter-school competition. Learners attended an awards ceremony held at their school.

The initiative was piloted at ten primary schools in previously disadvantaged communities in the Western Cape. The  initiative sought to show learners the value of a clean environment. The programme rewarded the collection of recyclables with food or ‘treats’. All in all, the learners collected 5 261 kg of recyclable waste in just over seven-weeks.

Trash 4 Treats

“I have noticed a big difference in our learners since we started Trash 4 Treats,” says Ms Gadija Thebus, principal at Mitchell Heights. “Our learners now take pride in their school grounds and berate others who litter. It is a wonder to witness children take an active interest in caring for their environment,” says Ms Thebus.

Mitchell Heights learners collected, separated, cleaned and deposited 1 032 kg of recyclable waste. Therefore, taking the first-place reward of R30 000 allocated toward school facility upgrades. Additionally, each learner received a R20 voucher to spend at their local spaza shop. Sakumlandela Primary School and Intshayelelo Primary School who placed second and third received R15 000 and R5 000 respectively.

The focus of Trash 4 Treats

“It is easier to learn a new habit, than it is to change an old one,” says Caroline Hughes at INEOS. “This is why we chose to focus on primary school children for Trash 4 Treats. By creating these clean habits early, we are inspiring a generation of environmentally conscious children,” she says.


“Sometimes we forget to inspire our children and tell them that they have the power to change the world. Thank you, INEOS Trash 4 Treats for starting a clean revolution at Mitchell Heights,” Ms Thebus concludes.

INEOS plans to take Trash 4 Treats and its mascot Trashy to more schools in Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal in 2020. For more information on the project or on how to get involved contact Shilpa on +27 11 447 0427 or


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