Tums 2 Tots Online Introduces New Editor In Chief

Tums 2 Tots Online is proud to introduce new owner and Editor in Chief Mandy Lee Miller. Mandy takes over as of 01 November 2015 and has exciting plans to build on and grow the platform created by her predecessor Jenna Broadhurst.

Jenna brought her experience from interning at an online women’s lifestyle magazine, her PR and web design qualifications and a passion for online media to the creation of the Tums 2 Tots Online brand. She designed and launched the Tums 2 Tots Online magazine in January 2014, added the Tums 2 Tots Online Directory in September 2014 and recently launched the Tums 2 Tots Online pop up shop in October this year.

Tums 2 Tots Online has received amazing support from readers and brands, some of whom have been active in the community since its inception. As an avid member of this community, Mandy is looking forward to further nurturing and growing those relationships. She shares the Tums 2 Tots ethos of creating a supportive space for parents and parents-to-be where they can find everything they need.

Mandy left a successful career in business-to-business public relations to follow her own path when she fell pregnant with her first child in 2013. She adds the Tums 2 Tots Online brand to a burgeoning portfolio. She is a self-employed writer, brand consultant and editor, who manages a popular parenting blog, Pregnant in Cape Town & Ever After. She also recently co-founded the South African Sisterhood, a positive online space for women focused on inspiration, support and growth, that grew to over 10,000 users in its first 3 weeks.

With extensive brand building and writing experience and first hand knowledge of what parents want and need, the new Editor in Chief has big plans for Tums 2 Tots; including introducing some new top tier writers for the magazine and very special businesses and services to the directory.

Tums 2 Tots Online will continue to provide readers with current, relevant, interesting and entertaining content, exciting brand giveaways and all the very best products and services to make parenting life easier and more enjoyable.


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