Update your child’s special occasion wardobe – just in time for Easter

As much as I love discovering new clothing brands for my kids, there are a trusted few where I know I will always find the best quality at the best prices. This holds especially true when shopping for special occasion wear for my boys. These brands have become my go-to when I need to dress them up, so let’s look at where to update your child’s special occasion wardobe just in time for Easter.

During the holiday season, it seems like I never have enough of a variety of clothing for my boys to wear to all our traditional gatherings, from birthdays to birth celebrations to religious days like Easter (due to kids growing at an alarming rate) . Over the next month we have tons of family events coming up, we have big birthdays, Easter and even a family photoshoot. While it is all very exciting, it can be challenging trying to plan different outfits for the boys to wear to each new event (who am I kidding, I love this stuff).

As much as I love me some retail therapy, it’s always good to first and foremost sort through your kids wardrobe regularly. Focus on what items can be reused, what can be donated and what can be packed away for siblings or cousins (yes, we do hand me downs and it works). Once you’ve established what you have and therefore what you need, it’s time to go shopping.

This month I thought I’d highlight just a few key items to update your child’s special occasion wardobe, just in time for Easter; but relevant even if you don’t celebrate Easter!

Lately H&M is becoming one of my favourite stores. I find their kids clothing reasonably priced and the variety (especially in boys clothing) is great. But then there are also items from my all time top kids clothing brands.


Kids clothing for Special Occasions
1. White Granddad Shirt, R149, H&M
2. Blue Cotton shirt, R199, H&M
3. Henly Shirt, R149, H&M
4. Grey Bunny, R175, Next
5. Shirt & Waistcoat, R249, H&M
6. Velcro sneaker, R99, Mr Price
7. Chino with braces, R229, H&M

The range of bunny clothing for little girls is great and just adorable! And while perfect for Easter, bunnies are cute all year round!

Kids clothing for Special Occasion

8. Jumper with sequins, R229, H&M
9. Bunny sweatshirt, R199, H&M
10.Bunny knitted jumper, R249, H&M
11.Tulle skirt, R59.99, Mr Price
12.Bunny bodysuit & leggings, R199, H&M
13.Bunny pump, R189, Shooshoos
14.Girls cardigan, R229, H&M

Kids clothing for Special Occasions
15.Lisa bunny bib, R43, Sticky Fudge
16.Bunny dress, R112, Luke & Lola
17.Bunny vest with nappy cover, R169, Pickalily
18.Quinn bunny beanie, R40, Sticky Fudge

Once your kids start getting older, you don’t get to play dress up with them very often anymore… So be sure to indulge yourself to the fullest while they are still small enough! Hop on over to these great stores! Happy shopping!

The Kids Style File – FASHION FIND

Dandy Lion Baby and Kids Clothing was established by two Cape Town moms, who saw a need for good quality and uniquely handmade baby and kids clothing. Dandy Lion

They have some beautful items, but I have chosen them today for these adorable Bunny Beenies (R150) which you can buy through The Little Love online store.

Kids clothing for special occasions

Do you have a favourite place to shop for your kids for special occasion wear?

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I’m always on the hunt for awesome locally produced kids products, so if you stumble across something that knocks your socks off please let us know at editor@tums2totsonline.co.za with the subject line The Kids Style File with Lindsay!

*Lindsay is the owner of Kids Fashion brand Love Made Me

Lindsay Leigh Thomas

Lindsay Leigh Thomas

Lindsay is the owner of kids fashion label Love Made Me, which focuses on customisation and bespoke orders. She is a 29 year old mommy blogger, married to her high school sweetheart Carl and Mommy to 2 boisterous adorable boys, Daniyal and Joshuah. You can find her blogging at Love Made Me. Lindsay works full time as a Property Officer for a large Healthcare, but has had a long term love affair with kiddies fashion and accessories, so in August she took the leap and launched Love Made Me. It has been a huge success and is growing rapidly.

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