Valentine’s Day Craft: handprint jewellery holder

This year, why not get your little ones to make these cute gifts for Valentine’s Day, instead of buying something generic? Great for moms, grannies, aunts and teachers.

Handmade gifts are appreciated so much more because of the effort and creativity that goes into them. This lovely, useful gift will be treasured for years. Boys and girls of any age can make this simple handprint jewellery holder (with a little assistance).

Credit: Artfulparent

You will need:

  • Clay
  • Paint & paintbrush
  • Heart-shaped cookie cutter
  • Rolling pin
  • Parchment paper
  • Stanley knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Pencil
  • Fork
  • Small bowl of water
  • Small glass bowl


  1. Roll a small blob of clay between two bits of parchment paper, to about 4mm thick. Then use the cookie cutter to cut out a heart shape.
  2. Roll a bigger ball of clay between two sheets of parchment paper. Start with a ball about the size of an adult hand and roll until about 1cm thick and big enough for your child’s hand to fit on.
  3. Next, let your child place his or her little hand onto the clay, and gently trace around it with a pencil.
  4. Cut out precisely with a Stanley knife (this is the part that will require adult supervision). Remove the excess clay and then smooth out any rough edges. Let you child dip his or her finger into the water and smooth out any imperfections. Cotton buds work well too, especially for between the fingers where it may be hard to reach.
  5. Rub a bit of water onto the back of the heart and stick it to the centre of the handprint, smoothing it out as needed. Then, scratch the back of the heart lightly with a fork and rub a bit of water onto the back. Scratch the centre of the handprint lightly (where the heart will be placed) and stick the heart to the centre of the handprint, smoothing it out as needed.
  6. Place your small glass bowl upside down, spray lightly with Spray ‘n Cook and gently place the clay hand (heart side down) over the bowl, to create a shallow dish shape.
  7. You can gently move the fingers to the position you want.
  8. Cover the hand with a piece of parchment paper, and then use a book to gently press down onto the hand. This will ensure a flat area, so that the hand rests properly on a flat surface when it’s done and doesn’t wobble around when in use.
  9. Allow to dry for 24 – 48 hours.
  10. Get your kiddie to paint the hand and heart in any colour desired.

This really easy craft doesn’t take too much time or effort, and makes very little mess.

Thanks to Canvas Club for this great craft. Find more crafts here.

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