Volvo child safety seat and #CarseatFullstop

Tums 2 Tots Online, #CarseatFullstop and Volvo Car South Africa teamed up to give one of you an incredible top of the range Volvo child safety seat this September! You can find out who won here!

Volvo Child SeatsAs you all know, Tums 2 Tots has taken a huge stand for children’s safety in cars. We host the #CarseatFullstop campaign right here on our site. We are passionate about spreading awareness about the critical importance of keeping our little one’s safe on the roads. The ONLY way they are safe is in a car child safety seat that is age appropriate and installed properly. You also know that we partnered up with the incomparable Volvo Car South Africa team. And that they are known everywhere as building the safest cars in the world.

What many of you won’t know, is that Volvo has been instrumental in the development and testing of child safety seats since the 1960s. The first car child safety seat was inspired by astronauts’ seats. They were rearward facing to distribute the forces of a collision over the larger surface area of the back and head. This protects the child’s vulnerable neck. Prof Bertil Aldman at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg developed the seat. Volvo was closely involved in project and the prototype was crash tested in a Volvo PV444 in 1964.

For more than 50 years, Volvo has worked closely with leading car seat developers in the design and crash testing of child safety seats. The result of years of intensive research and innovation is the current new generation Volvo child safety seats.

These are the 3 Volvo child safety seats our winner can choose from

Volvo new generation infant seats

The Infant Child Safety Seat (0–13 kg) – Valued at R4,012

This seat is designed to provide comfort and protection for infants aged 0–1 year. The rear-facing infant seat features a deep shaped seat, luxurious new upholstery and high side panels. You can easily adjust the large carry handle with one hand and the headrest can be conveniently altered from the front.

Volvo new generation child seats

The Rearward-Facing Child Safety Seat (9kgs – 25kgs) – Valued at R5,871

The Volvo rear-facing child seat provides optimal comfort and safety for children aged 9 months to approximately 6 years. It has improved legroom, added tilt and recline options and luxurious new upholstery. The compact design and low weight mean it is also easy to install, adjust and remove.

Volvo new generation booster seats

The Booster Child Safety Seat (15kgs – 36kgs) – Valued at R4,012

We strongly recommend your child stay in their 5-point harness, preferably rear-facing, until they exceed the height and weight limit on the seat. The Volvo child booster seat is designed for children aged 4–10 years, once they outgrow their child seat. The padded headrest, high side panels and shoulder protection ensure a safe journey, while the luxurious new upholstery guarantees a comfortable one. The ISOFIT system holds the seat securely in place, even when a child is not sitting in it.


 1. Download Volvo’s FREE Children & Cars Manual, which every single parent should read!

Volvo child safety seat manual 67 days

2. ANSWER in the entry form below (NOT IN THE COMMENTS) :

On what page in the manual can you find the FAQ on rearward-facing child seats?

3. COMMENT below with your child or children’s age/s and weight/s.

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Please be sure to read our competition terms and conditions.

Good luck everybody!!

Our winner was announced on Friday 30 September!

We will select another winner if we are unable to reach you before midnight on Friday 7 October, .

*This competition is sadly only open to those currently residing in South Africa*













#CarseatFullstop is a national car seat awareness intiative. The message - #CarseatFullstop. Every child. Every time. No matter what.

  1. Caitlin is 4 months and weighs 7kg.

    Thank you so much for the interesting information. It really helps in terms of what to look for in Her next car seat.

  2. I have a baby girl aged 8 months and weighs 8.7kg. She is getting too big for her infant car seat so I would love to win the Rearward-Facing Child Safety Seat (9kgs – 25kgs).

  3. I have 3 children, an almost 7 year old who is 22kg and 19 month old twins who are 11kg and 13kg respectively.

  4. My daughter is turning 4years old in February, she weighs 15.5kg’s and my son is turning 2 in January, he weighs 14kg #CarseatFullstop … Spead awareness and safe a childs life!

  5. My son has just turned a year old and we are looking around at a new car seat for him as his sister will joining our little family in February. We are adamant it must be rear facing. This car seat would be such a blessing to win!!

  6. My little one is 16kgs and 20 months old.
    I would love the win the rear facing car seat as I know it is the safest for my little one but I can only afford second hand, and have been very conscience when buying a car seats, but I never found a rear facing seat second hand yet.

  7. My children are 5 (17 kgs) and 2&1/2 (13kgs). They are both still rear facing but this is for a baby on the way.

  8. My son is 2 years old weighs 14kg and my daughter is 3.5mnths and weighs 5.5kg.

    Thank you.
    Lee Bosman

  9. I have two boys. One aged 7 (22kgs) and one aged 4 (13kgs). Would love to win the Booster seat for my 7 year old 🙂

  10. I am currently pregnant. Baby will arive soon. The infant car seat is still om our shopping list. Will be great if we could win this amazing price. EJ will be around 3.3 kg.

  11. Please pick me I’m desperate for a comfy rear facing car seat. My baby suffers so bad being rear facing with car sickness, he cries non stop in the car seat. He’s only 7.1kg so is no where near ready to be forward facing and I had to put him forward facing to stop the crying , it was very traumatizing. Maybe a more comfortable rear facing car seat would help. So desperate to have my baby safe in a car seat but yet comfortable.

  12. Thapelo John Shepherd. 7 months. 8kg. Sloane Sisana Grace 3 years 18 kg. Emihle Lusanda Hope 7 years 17 kg.

  13. Emily
    Age : 1 year
    Weight : 11kg

    Holding thumbs I win I really need a car seat, the one I have is second hand and so broken.

  14. My son is currently 6 months old. He weighs 8.05kg and we would love to win the rear facing carseat.

  15. I have 3 children…..
    My son, Juwan is 5 years, weighing 20kg. My daugther, Enja is 2 and a half years, weighing 15kg.
    And my baby girl, Mienè is 14months….weighing just over 10kg.!

    Would love to win a carseat for my youngest! ♡♡♡

  16. Rory (9kg) is almost 8 months old and is getting too big for his current seat so the rearward facing seat would be amazing. Thank you

  17. My child is still being made into the miracle that she or he will become. So a newborn babyseat would be an amazing dream come true and a finacial blessing! With your great safety features and amazing specs I couldn’t think of a better gift!

  18. My son is 4 years old about 19kg
    #carseatfullstop. My car never drives until everyone is buckled up

  19. My son is 5 months old and weighs 8kg. If I win I would love to get the rearward facing child safety seat

  20. My son is now 10 months and 11/12 kgs so the Rearward-Facing Child Safety Seat would be perfect for him as his is outgrown his baby car seat!

  21. I have 2 children, 2.5 years (about 15kg) and 13 months (about 10kg) and would love to win an awesome Volvo carseat for one of them!

  22. Sons age & weight:
    4 weeks and 5 kg’s but use prefer to possibly win the:
    Rearward facing child seat

  23. Mia Louw – 11 months, 9kg
    Kayleigh Louw – 4 years, 14kg

    It is time to upgrade my baby to a rear facing seat so this would be awesome!

  24. Love the campaign. My little girl turned 2 years old at the end of June and she weighs 11.5kg’s and I am currently 6 months pregnant and I am due in December 🙂

    #CarseatFullstop #VOLVO #Tum2Tots

  25. Hi, my daughter is 3 and a half months old and weighs 6.5 kg. I would love the rear facing seat, as she will not fit in her current seat for too much longer.

  26. My baby is due on the 14th March 2017 and will weigh around 3.2kgs when born <3
    I can't wait to win this amazing prize so that my first born will be extremely safe when travelling.


  27. My baby is due 2 October. He currently weights 2.8kg in the womb. Doc has estimated him at 3.3-3.5kg at birth.

  28. Our precious little intended user will be born in January 2017. As someone who has survived an accident with other passenger fatalities I believe that one can NEVER be too cautious with infant chair safety. Precious cargo needs the ultimate car seat for ultimate safety #Britax #carseatfullstop

  29. My little one is due this Dec, would like the rearward facing seat (9-25kg) for when baby is a little older 😀

  30. I dont have a child yet and we’re not pregnant yet but we’ve already started buying things for our future little one 🙂

    followed @tums2totsonline and @CarseatFullstop

  31. My baby is due in October and we already have a great infant seat so would really love the rear facing child seat when he/she outgrows that. At last check baby was 1.6kg and around 27cm (That’s so small 😱)

  32. My boy Alexander is 2 years and 6 months old but the size of a 4 year old (my big handsome boy) and weighs 18kg. He is the light of my life and I would love it if he was protected by a Volvo Car Seat while we travel.

  33. My little lady is 16 months old and weighs close to 12 kilograms. We would absolutely be thrilled with one of these gorgeous rearwArd facing seats! Holding thumbs.

  34. Ben is 2 months old and weighs 6.2 kg. I need a new car seat asap because his current seat will only hold him up to 9 kg.. And his breastmilk only diet is making him grow super fast!

  35. I have almost 3 year old twins. My boy weighs 16kg and my girl weighs 15kg. They are always strapped in a car seat and I always make sure they are safe while I am driving!

  36. 11 months, 8 kg, but we’re looking at the next step up. Also, signed up for the newsletter ages ago 🙂

  37. My beautiful daughter is 7 months old and weighs around 8kg so I would love the rear facing child safety seat.

  38. My daughter is six months old, and weighs nearly nine kilograms, so the “Rearward-Facing Child Safety Seat” would be perfect for her! Holding thumbs 🙂

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