Wakaberry rolls out brand new product innovations

Wakaberry are launching a range of exciting, brand-new product innovations which will take the Wakaberry experience to a whole new level.  These products have been carefully created to follow Wakaberry’s self-service and pay-per-weight system and will be rolled out into all Wakaberry stores over the next few months.

“We are sure our Wakafans are going to be delighted with our  new products,” says Wakaberry’s Brand Manager Luise Peters.  “We have been listening to our customers and a lot of these products are a result of their feedback.  As with anything at Wakaberry, the customer is invited to be the ‘master of their own creation’ and we can’t wait for Wakafans to experience them and give us their feedback. We’re hoping to exceed expectations!”

The new products are:

WakaFuel:  The WakaFuel self-service Creation Station is everything Wakafans know and love about Wakaberry, but in a hot beverage.  Being the masters of their own creations, Wakafans will be able to choose a base of cappuccino, latte or hot chocolate (amongst others), and are then able to go wild with a selection of hot beverage toppings (marshmallows, mini dough balls, mini chocolate chip cookie bites and more). WakaFuel will be R16 for the beverage and toppings will be charged at the standard Wakaberry pay-per-weight price of R13 per 100grams.

WakaWaffles: The waffles are the perfect snack for those in-between meal cravings.  Customers will be able to lightly toast their waffles and then pile on froyo and toppings, Wakaberry style.  The WakaWaffle will be priced on the pay-per-weight system at R13 per 100grams

Sugar Cones: More than just happiness in a bowl, Wakaberry are now also swirling into deliciously crispy sugar cones. The cones are extra wide to allow for easy swirling and topping. Sugar Cones will be priced at the pay-per-weight pricing of R13 per 100 grams

Sugar Cone dividers: Wakaberry’s current paper bowl dividers are a huge hit for those customers who don’t like to mix.  The new Sugar Cone Dividers are just as easy but now, Wakafans can eat their packaging too. The new sugar cone dividers will be sold at R2.50 per pair

The roll out of these new products coincide with a brand new, fresh and edgy store design for selected Wakaberry stores.

Wakafans are encouraged to send their feedback via Twitter and Instagram using @Wakaberry and #WholeNewWaytoWaka.

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